i’m moving my blog!

it’s sunday morning + i have no idea what i’ve gotten myself into! i’ve set up my own space on the internet for self hosting and i think my new web hosting company is in the process of transferring my wordpress.com blog ( this blog you are on right now! ) over to my new space. all of this is so exciting + frees me up to do so much more, like to create a whole new website and keep my blog! but, warning! my blog may be a little crazy for the next few days, or disappear, or… I don’t know. in any case, this is fun stuff!!

i have been thinking about moving over to a self hosted website for about a year now, and i decided that since i am physically moving to another country, i might as well move my blog/website at the same time. make sense, right?

so, wish me luck + and hang on! don’t leave me or think that i have disappeared, depending on what happens. and… just a head’s up, you may have to choose to follow me again once i am moved over to my new space. but, i’ll keep you posted on the progress, i promise! until then, just keep checking back here. it should (hopefully) be normal for a while!

how are you spending your sunday/or monday?!

light + love xx

a video of our road trip: starring paige, lina, me & first aid kit!

there are perks to being married to a graphic design student. and one of the new ones is homemade videos. that’s right, my love has gotten into the groove of making videos  – and she is goooood. so, during our road trip to see first aid kit in concert this past weekend, she did a whole bunch of filming using her iPhone throughout our entire trip. and then she spent last night & this morning creating, editing, and finalizing an amazing and fun video of our trip! what a great way to preserve memories and laugh at how silly we are. i’m so excited and can’t wait to see what other videos she creates after this crazy, amazing, event-filled summer.

but, for now, check out this awesome 6 minute video of our weekend road trip!

peace and love. xx

disney world: incredible, imaginative epcot!

day two of our week-long disney world party continued at the amazing world of epcot – a place of imagination, science, techology, and international flair. and let me tell you, we soaked it all in. every single stink in’ bit. it was a beautiful day to explore, ride rides, and visit all the countries, but when the sun went down it turned windy & cooooold, so we enjoyed a three course dinner in paris (hee hee) at a fabulous french restaurant and watched the fireworks from there. well, just check it all out!


did you know that there is a ride in the big epcot ball? yep. it’s called spaceship earth & it’s freaking awesome.

DSC_0447 DSC_0460DSC_0463

we grabbed breakfast after a few rides and some starbucks coffee to warm us up. like i said, it was beautiful, but it was cold.IMG_7733

after some space and dinosaur stuff, it was time for the land area… and an amazing ride called soarin’ and then some more sun worship.
IMG_7735 IMG_7738 IMG_7736

time for the countries!! they are all situated around a lake, so we planned to start on the left and walk all the way around. each country had authentic architecture and natives working in their stores/restaurants. it’s like taking a mini trip around the world. sooooo cool.DSC_0477 DSC_0482

DSC_0483 DSC_0140


DSC_0486 DSC_0490 DSC_0495 IMG_7764

norway ( a little scandinavian treat for us!)DSC_0499










our amazing dinner at the french restaurant ended with creme brulee, chocolate mousse, & fireworks.
IMG_7800 IMG_7801 DSC_0551

what a great, amazing experience!DSC_0532

as much as i have loved epcot and magic kingdom, i cannot choose a favorite between the two… and there are two more parks to go! all of them are so individually fantastic and inspiring. stay tuned till tomorrow, when i explore hollywood studios!

peace and love. xx

a tip for all you google reader users.

hey people!

i’ve noticed that quite a few of you that i follow are having a little bit of anxiety about the fact that google reader is shutting down (in july, i think). i don’t use google to read my blogs, and i had no idea it was so popular. sounds like it’s been THE go to place for reading blogs.

now, i am in no way an expert or anything. i don’t really know much about all of this, but I know what works for me. and, since i don’t use google reader, i thought i’d share with y’all two other ways i’ve found that help you easily organize and keep reading your favorite bloggers.

1. WordPress (for wordpress blogs only!)

if you read a wordpress blog, you may notice a little follow button at the top left side of the blog’s page. click it and the posts will begin showing up in your wordpress.com reader.

where is your wordpress reader? go to wordpress.com, sign in, and click on “reader”. your favorite bloggers newest posts will appear chronologically (newest first) and you can easily “like” the post right there on that page, or click on the post and read it on their blog page (the thing to do if you want to leave a comment). the blog opens in a new window. easy peasy.

2. Bloglovin’ (for ALL blogs – which perhaps is easiest, since it can be any blog from any server/website).

Bloglovin’ is simply another website where you can add blogs/websites that you follow. it organizes blogs in the same way as wordpress does. newest first. it is really user-friendly, i think. and you can add/register your blog as well, and hopefully gain new readers! i am following most of you here.

ironically, when i clicked on my Bloglovin’ bookmark a few minutes ago, i saw this:

Google Reader is shutting down July 1st.

Make sure that your blog readers know that they’ll still be able to follow your blog through bloglovin.

P.S. You can import blogs from Google Reader to bloglovin here.

so, Bloglovin’ is directing you to a page in order to easily import all the blogs you follow in google reader into bloglovin’… i’m guessing with just a few simple clicks. nice.


because i want things as simple as possible, i stay signed into my wordpress account and my bloglovin’ account all the time, and i have them as bookmarks at the top of my browser. then, when i click on either bookmark, all the newest blogs appear on my screen and i can see what amazing things y’all have been writing about.

i hope this helps a little. and i hope you understood my information. if you have any questions or need clarification on something, just let me know! good luck!

peace out.

from my little corner in the world to yours.


let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. ~ sy miller and jill jackson

wishing you all, my dear readers, a beautiful holiday season. thank you for being who you are, for inspiring me with your words, and for sharing a tiny bit of your journey with me. i’m so thankful our paths have crossed.

may the peace of the universe be with you.

with all my love,

gratitude 30: week 1

as i wrote last week, i decided to begin a new photo challenge this month. a thankfulness/gratitude challenge. there is still a prompt, but the focus is on being thankful for whatever that prompt inspires. it pushes me to be a little more creative & reminds me to slow down & be grateful for ordinary, regular things in life. it’s a chance to focus on what i have, instead of what i don’t have. and gratitude is a beautiful thing. it inspires a change in perspective and a rememberance of the beauty & simplicity of everyday life.

with that said, here come the first seven pictures of my gratitude photo challenge. hope you enjoy! and, if you want, take a pic of something you are grateful for & post it somewhere (facebook, instagram, your blog, twitter, or email it to someone.).

day 1: words

i’m thankful for those who inspire through their words.

day 2: technology

nothing like having technology to keep you entertained on a road trip. so thankful.

day 3: nature

i give thanks every day that i have a chance to be close to nature, especially the sea or the woods.

day 4: clothes

i love days where i can wear cozy clothes, sit around, laugh, eat, and spend time just hanging out with family & friends.

day 5: knowledge

enough said. i’m indescribably grateful for every chance to travel.

day 6: memories

oh the joys & fun of making crazy memories on a road trip!

day 7: innovation

so thankful today for new ways of thinking, innovation, & a new american which is beginning; one that voted to embrace diversity & forward thinking. pic from here.

this photo challenge is exactly the change that i needed. it’s renewed my sense of excitement in finding a photo for the day. there is truly so much for which to be thankful in life. of course, there is much that is painful & dark as well. there is so much suffering and negativity. but, there is one thing i have learned in life… all of that negative crap is there. it’s not going away. i don’t need to surround myself with more negativity. no. i seek out people who lift me up, who life up others, and who seek to build bridges & hope, instead of tear down & separate. and i don’t need to be the bearer of more negativity in the world either. so, perhaps my little corner of the world can be a place of rest, of calm, of peace, of positive energy. perhaps that is one of the missions that i have in life…

now, being positive, seeking to give off light & life instead of darkness & gloominess, does not mean being unrealistic or ignoring the suffering that is there. at least it doesn’t mean that for me. it means discussing and acknowledging that darkness & pain that exists, talking about it, confronting it, and then, moving forward. taking a step out of the darkness, or looking to find the sliver of light that exists in the midst of the darkness. believing that there are things such as blessings that are in disguise; that when bad things happen, they can be transformed. ultimately, it is believing that hope is stronger than fear. that light & love conquer darkness. that life is a journey that is worth experiencing. and that along the way, there is so  very much to be grateful for.

i am so thankful for all you who stop by here at one time or another. the encouragement, support, and inspiration you give to me is more than you could ever know.

blessing of thankfulness & peace to each of you.

sunday night stuff.

hey hey! it’s 9pm and completely dark outside. yes, fall is on its way. no more swedish summer sun at 11:30 at night. tonight we’re sitting on the bed, each staring at our computer screens, with a sunday night film glowing from the tv screen in the background. other than the light from 2 computer screens & a tv, the entire apartment is dark. i’m thinking about going to sleep pretty soon because i am completely, utterly exhausted. but in such an amazingly good way.

last night, i went to bed at some ungodly hour in the night/morning  and got up at 7am this morning. not enough sleep. at all. why? well, i was writing my sermon for today. i couldn’t have done it any earlier because a). i didn’t know i’d be preaching until thursday night, and b). i was already completely booked from thursday night until 10pm last night. so, at 10pm i sat down to begin write my sermon. nothing like last minute inspiration. hehe. and hey, i thrive on adrenaline and in chaos.

the sun rose & i headed downtown to the church where i work. i always love walking to work on sunday mornings. ok. it’s a love/hate relationship. (love the walk, hate having to get out of bed). anyway, i love the silent walk downtown. it’s just me, the buildings, the birdies, and the trees. no one else is out. it is so unbelievably peaceful. this morning i had my headphones in, playing bluegrass music into my ears, pepping me for the morning’s activities…

which i survived. yep. i did it. i delivered my second sermon in swedish today! and other than actually switching out a few swedish words for english ones bay accident, i think it went pretty well. i can’t believe that i freaking preach in swedish. that blows my mind. but, it feels so amazing to have a chance to preach again. i must admit, when i get up in front of an audience, when i stand in front of others in public, and i have a chance to offer words of hope & love, i feel like i am home. it feels so natural, so right… so me. ( so, take that UMC. you can make a rule saying that i can’t be ordained, but you can’t stop God from calling me to be who i am. and you can’t stop my life from being used, according to my gifts. yes, i am married to a woman & i am a minister. so what. thanks to the amazing church who has hired me in sweden, i can have my cake & eat it too. but it’s not really about me anyway, is it? nope. it’s about God making a way when there seems to be none. it’s about unconditional, free love being more important human-made rules. it’s about never giving up hope. it’s about following your dreams that are revealed when you are true to yourself. the spirit moves as it will. and life is more about loving & including, rather than excluding. when did jesus ever exclude, by the way?) sorry about the little tangent.

anyway, i received some pretty good feedback today, and i am truly humbled. as i walked this morning, i remember thinking how overwhelmed i am that i live here, that i work here, and  that i get to do the things i love. i thought about how just a few years ago, i was dreaming about moving here, and imagining what it would be like to work here. it all felt so impossible, and so far away. any yet, here i am now. amazing. the risks, fears, and uncertainties are most definitely worth it.

i spoke about freedom today. the freedom that we are given to choose to be ourselves or not; the gift of inspiration, of the spirit, to guide and be with us; and our calling as free people to work for the freedom of all people. i have said that i’ll post my sermon here, and i will… but it may take a day or two. i realized that it’s in swedish, so i must translate it first. hehe.

but, my brain is fried tonight. i am physically, mentally, and emotionally wiped out. so, i’m gonna crawl under the covers now and snuggle down under my covers, drifting off to dreamland. tomorrow a new week begins… a really exciting week! we’re headed to ireland on thursday. but, more about that later on. first i’ve got tons of errands and 3 work days ahead. plus a laundry afternoon. but, i also begin yoga classes again. yeeeeessssss.

before i say goodnight, i just want to remind you (and me) of one thing. we all hear that we should truly follow our dreams; but what we don’t hear is that we should do it now. dreams always feel like something way off there in our future world. but, what if we lived out our dreams daily? like beginning today. right now. we can’t even imagine the possibilities that lay ahead for us.

go on, keep dreamin’ and keep believin’. and if you feel that you are alone, that your dreams are impossible, find someone to pep you up. you can even email, chat, or talk with me. i’ll believe in your dreams with you.

goodnight world. wishing you sweet dreams, the freedom to be who you are, and peace in your soul.

i’ll bet you didn’t know this.


i’m pretty good with technical things around the house. yep.

today’s photo challenge was to reveal something that people might not know about me; and, in honor of the new tv we bought, i thought i’d take a picture in the middle of my technical process this afternoon. i successfully attached everything, hooked everything up, and connected everything… so now we’ve got an awesome tv in the bedroom. so excited!

and tonight is the premiere tv event. all of us under the covers, window open, rain falling down outside, and something good on the tube. cozy, if i do say so myself.

nighty night. peace.

p.s. pics from the weekend coming soon!

there’s just something about a beautiful door.

i had good karma today. it began with this crazy urge to dance this morning, and continued with a whole morning filled with inspiration and productive work. i freaking love it when i’m inspired & on task. feels really good. i should try it more often. hehe. i’m certain that it was the dancing feeling that got me started off on the right foot (hehe. no pun intended.).

after completing my work, i tackled the tv/internet/phone company. i marched right in there, questions scribbled down on a piece of paper, pushed the button to receive my ticket (what number i was in the line of what felt like thousands of customers before me), waited & explored all the technology in the store, and then represented my home well by asking well-educated, precise questions about what we need to do to add cable to the tv we bought for the bedroom. 5 minutes later i left the store, with everything ordered & set. 10 points to me.

this afternoon, on my way to another personal, and extremely important, meeting, i was greeted by a man wearing a green apron, holding a box of frappachinos in his hand, passing out the delicious goodies to everyone who passed by on the street. huh? as i approached this frappachino man with a van, i realized that his green apron said starbucks, & he was passing out starbucks coffee. WHAT?! YAY!! now, you must know there are only 2 starbucks cafes in all of sweden. two. and, of course, they are not in my city. so, as i walked & sipped my caramel macchiatto frappachino, i wondered… does the free coffee gimmick mean that my city is getting a starbucks?! a girl can dream…

i ended my day out & about by walking by the door to the building where my love & i were married. (insert “awwww” here). it’s actually not that weird to walk by this door. i do it almost every day, but today’s little photo challenge was to photograph a door, so i chose this one. i walked right up to it and had a flashback of standing in front of the giant, wooden doors with my love just a few minutes after we were married. that was 2 and a half year ago. the memories of that cold, snowy winter’s day came flooding back. i can honestly say that i am more in love with this amazing woman today than i was on our wedding day. how beautiful it is to share a journey in life together.

as i said, i pass that door on a regular basis, and i often think of my wedding day. but today something felt a little different. more powerful. more amazing. today, as i took the time to revel in my memories, i felt that the best is yet to come. it felt like a turing point to me, standing there, looking at that door tonight. yes, the past has been beautiful & i am more happy than i ever thought i could be to share life with lina; but what lies behind the next door… i can’t even begin to imagine. i am certain, especially after all the good karma swirling about me today, that whatever is behind the next doors in our life, we will face it together; conquering our fears, living life to the fullest, following our dreams, making new ones, and growing as individuals & together.

i began wondering tonight… a door is neither the past nor the future, but a symbol of the present moment. this door, as i stood before it tonight allowed me the chance to reflect & wonder, but more than just that, inviting to just be in that moment. to not turn around & look at the past. or to not walk through the door to the other side just yet. but to just be. the past has been lived, the future is yet to come. today. in that moment. in front of that door… anything was possible. and i felt an overwhelming sense of calmness, joy, & excitement all at the same time.

peace  to you, in your present moment.