enjoying every minute.

6 Dec 2012 life, wilderness

just a few pictures from the past few days… our snomageddon experience. since i live in the middle of the city, i haven’t had to brave the roads, trains, or buses like others (lucky me). so, it’s been beautiful. and peaceful. and most definitely christmas-y. happy thursday out there! peace.

how to start a summer day.

5 Jul 2012 wilderness

1. get up as late as possible and throw on some clothes. 2. meet some friends at a designated place in the city & jump in their car. 3. head off to a somewhat unknown destination. 4. walk through the woods to get to said destination 5. enjoy a picnic breakfast and great conversation for about 3 hours in the sunshine. 6. go home satisfied, at peace, and ready to continue seizing the day. love & peace to you all.

passing time on a thursday.

14 Jun 2012 life

morning fika at a cozy, old cafe.  a little midday shopping.  a few stolen moments thinking of my love.  a late afternoon walk in the sunshine.  an evening planning meeting at work. (planning for a week-long family summer camp) peace & love. all the time.

wearing my emotions on my sleeve.

24 May 2012 spirit + soul

well, maybe i’m not really wearing my emotions on my sleeve since i’m not really showing them much these days. it’s not that i don’t want to, but i don’t really know how. its not that i’m feeling sad. or happy. but, both. and everything else in between. my emotions are right on the surface. it is as if i am filled with so many emotions, all different kinds, bubbling inside me. and i can’t say anything about them. itRead More

a little attitude ain’t bad.

12 Jan 2012 life

it’s “no alarm thursday” and you know what that means? it means that when this post posts itself to my blog in the morning (since i’m writing it wednesday night), i will still be cuddly & snuggly under my covers, completely in the middle of some deep sleep. it also means that i’m gonna have a little attitude when i finally do wake up… i kinda feel like shaking my head, snapping my fingers (3 snaps in a z-form. doesRead More



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