enjoying every minute.

and then, we braved the cold & snow. so we could get a latte at our fave cafe.

just a few pictures from the past few days… our snomageddon experience. since i live in the middle of the city, i haven’t had to brave the roads, trains, or buses like others (lucky me). so, it’s been beautiful. and peaceful. and most definitely christmas-y.


red us

me happy thursday out there! peace.

how to start a summer day.

1. get up as late as possible and throw on some clothes.

2. meet some friends at a designated place in the city & jump in their car.

3. head off to a somewhat unknown destination.

4. walk through the woods to get to said destination

5. enjoy a picnic breakfast and great conversation for about 3 hours in the sunshine.

6. go home satisfied, at peace, and ready to continue seizing the day.

love & peace to you all.

passing time on a thursday.

morning fika at a cozy, old cafe.

 a little midday shopping.

 a few stolen moments thinking of my love.

 a late afternoon walk in the sunshine.

 an evening planning meeting at work. (planning for a week-long family summer camp)

peace & love. all the time.