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16 things i am currently doing (including being frenzied + calm)

it’s already the 3rd of december. and somewhere inside of me i feel a bit of a panic. 2015 is almost over. the season of advent and my hibernation in my cave as i prepare for the new year is moving too quickly. for some reason, i find myself wondering…


school supplies + coffee + nesting at home + breweries

hi blogging friends! well, it’s happening. summer is winding down in the northern hemisphere, and autumn is not far behind. and yesterday marked the beginning of regular, everyday life again for me (and many others in different places). college students, including my love, headed back for another semester of fun,…

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when you start writing about one thing & it turns into something completely different. in other words, lack of sleep.

wednesday night and i’m beat. i just wanna crawl under the covers and sleep and sleep and sleep. without waking up once. without getting up with the cat to play and snuggle – as she wants to do every night. i just want to go to sleep. right now. but,…

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these two.

just taking a moment to be thankful for my family.what are you thankful for today? peace, love, & understanding.

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good morning.

“Rest and be thankful.” ― William Wadsworth peace & love, whatever you do today & wherever you find yourself today.  

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