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and we’re off!

my love and i don’t mess around when it comes to celebrating. nope. and in honor of the fact that lina just completed her last final exam for the semester and her first full year at an american university (and did an amazing job at it!), we are gettin’ outta dodge…

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the city of islands.

hello from the capital of sweden… beautiful stockholm! the city spread out over (i don’t know exactly how many) islands. a truly unique & gorgeous place. my love and i arrived last night for a weekend of business & pleasure. the business will all be taken care of by this…

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guess who?!

hey, dear readers! i’m back from spending a week in this gorgeous place. wow, was it ever fantastic! so, how was your week? anything exciting happen? for those of you who blog, i haven’t yet made it over to your blogs to check things out. i’m reserving tomorrow morning for…

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off the grid.

pic from here. well, folks. i’m off. off the grid, that is. ready for a week of retreat and community. thought i’d share one little image of an inspiring picture that i love. it is actually a place in sweden, just not where i’m going. still, there will be similarities.…

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all packed.

 all my stuff for the next week. neatly organized on my chair (ok. sofa.) but it works. whew. i’m tired. and ready for a long week by the water. let me explain. tomorrow morning i’m leaving for 7 days in the swedish archipelago (= group of islands) on the east…

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