back to the beach

from the 1st of july until the 29th of july, i was in sweden – visiting family and friends. celebrating love. experiencing a crazy summer heatwave. seeing and feeling the best that sweden has to offer in the summer – blue skies, hot sun, and gorgeous land & water. i was a tourist, a photographer, and a translator. i spoke swedish with an unexpected ease (after one year of not really speaking swedish). i loved every single solitary second in sweden… but one week ago today, my time in sweden was up.

last tuesday, lina, paige, and i took a 5am train up to stockholm in order to catch a plane back to the states. but, we didn’t travel alone. we brought along two family members with us! our niece (lina’s sister’s daughter) and lina’s cousin, aged 14 and 16 respectively, joined us for their own summer adventure. so. much. fun. they worked and cleaned for a year to save money so they could go. they received birthday and christmas money, and earned their spending money for the trip – and, oh, what an exciting trip for two teenage girls! and what fun to get to see them experience the states for the first time!

since they were going to be with us for 2 weeks, we decided that we’d begin our arrival to the states by hopping in our car and driving directly to the beach in north carolina (where my parents live). my parents were amazing and drove my car to meet us at the airport in charlotte, where we packed ourselves in and started out on a long 6 hour drive on the evening of our arrival.

needless to say i was exhausted, but i pushed through, and we made it to atlantic beach – our final destination – at about midnight or something. after 27 hours of travel. a good night’s sleep, and then we were raring to go… ready for sun and sand and surf.

it was indescribably amazing to see the two girls and paige experience beach life for a few days – especially boat rides and playing in the ocean. the pure joy on their faces was priceless and absolutely beautiful. their giggles were music to my ears.

it was a great 5 days at the beach, but unfortunately, it rained the last 2 days. still… we found ways to relax, have fun, and entertain ourselves. but, soon, our time at the beach was over and it was time to head up to the mountains – time to go home – after 32 days of traveling! and to be honest with you, i couldn’t wait!

sweden sunset arlanda airport airplane silly airplane sweden cozy airplane nyc airplane vogue sound atlantic beach boat atlantic beach boat atlantic beach boat atlantic beach

woo hoo boat my love and me atlantic beach atlantic beach boat atlantic beach atlantic beach atlantic beach shark shack atlantic beach sunset atlantic beach dad atlantic beach sunset atlantic beach sunset atlantic beach cape lookout cape lookout dad cape lookout cape lookout cape lookout corn atlantic beach

rainy day at the beach

nc aquarium nc aquarium pine knoll shores nc aquarium pine knoll shores

jelly fish nc aquarium sweden atlantic beach

 now, we’re all cozy up here in the north carolina mountains, in asheville. doing some shopping, some swimming, and just some being together. we’ve got a week left and tons of adventures planned for the girls, including a trip to tennessee and an amusement park, some time hiking in the mountains, a baseball game, and some fun & cool restaurants. oh, and of course some more shopping!

you know, traveling is amazing, and i am ready to begin to plan my next trip! but, it is also so very nice to be home… in my own cozy bed, living the life that i love. and what’s even better is that i get to share it with some completely amazing people.

love and peace. xx

norrköping moments

well, my friends, my month long visit to sweden has now come to an end. it’s so hard to believe. it seems as if time has flown by, and yet, it seems like forever ago i was in asheville. the past 4 weeks have been incredible. however, the two words that keep sticking out in my mind are beautiful and magical.

it has been the perfect swedish summer – never have i experienced a summer like this: sunny, hot, blue skies. the whole freaking time. so, the weather has been beautiful, but more than that, the moments and the people and the sights have been beautiful. and all of that combined with the swedish way of life – a way of life that is a bit slower, a bit more intentional, and a bit more communal – has made all of the beauty also magical. i feel a bit like i’ve had moment after moment of traditional, old-timey, the way things should be, swedish life. a very classic svensk sommar (swedish summer) – with strawberries, sunshine, eating outdoors, lake swims, picnics, walks around town, and gatherings with friends and family.

so, as i am flying back to the states today, i wanted to share with you some moments from norrköping – the city in sweden that i call home, since i lived here for three years. norrköping was our base through the 4 weeks we were here, so we had lots of days of just being, exploring, and meeting friends.

and, though i say goodbye to the city and my family/friends who are live here, i will cherish all of the memories and moments that i have shared with my love, with paige, and with all of the beautiful swedish (and dutch!) people in my life.

it has been an amazing summer. an unbelievable journey. and moment after moment that has taken my breath away.

IMG_4460 IMG_4471 DSC_0006 IMG_6858 DSC_0029 DSC_0032 DSC_0044 IMG_7261 IMG_4922 DSC_0469 DSC_0482 IMG_7345 DSC_0496 DSC_0512 IMG_4963 IMG_5062 IMG_5074 IMG_5284 IMG_5286 IMG_5288 IMG_5536 IMG_5540 IMG_5541 IMG_5579


happy tuesday, dear ones. the next post, from the states, will be my 1000th post! stay tuned – it’ll be a great big celebration!

peace & love. xx

**all photos that have me in it (except for the last one) are taken by paige.

the magic of sweden’s simplicity.

i’m not sure if this was my fourth year or my fifth year of having the joy of being part of the annual camp at skeppsgården in sweden, but it doesn’t really matter. every year is exactly the same and completely different all at the same time. it’s very much like my reynolds family beach week tradition that my family in the states has had for about 29 years now.

the camp at skeppsgården was started many many years ago by the methodist church in sweden, and it is a place available for people to come and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the swedish archipelago (islands by the sea) and the beauty of gathering with friends & family year after year. lina’s grandfathers, both methodist ministers like my grandfather, were a part of beginning this week-long tradition of renting the camp for their congregations and friends/family year ago, and the tradition and been passed on and carried down by lina’s parents and family.

skeppsgården, for lina, is that thing that has been a constant in her life for as long as she can remember (she was only 6 weeks old when she at tented her first week in 1984). and while i’ve only been a part of it for 4 or 5 years, i feel that history and connection, and i can understand it very well, because of my family’s own traditions. so, now i have my family’s beach week tradition of 29 years and lina’s family’s camp tradition – both constants in my life.

it’s so important to have these places and people and times in our lives, i believe. they give us (me) a sense of grounding. a reminder of who we are – and that, even when life changes and moves on, there is a ritual, a sacred space, a certain, special spot that touches our soul like nothing else.

so, skeppsgården has become a place like that for me. my first year there i had no idea what was going on, what people were saying, or anything about anything. it was all so, well, foreign. then, there came a few years that i “worked” the camp, seeing as i was one of the ministers that was to led some of the group discussions/worship services. and this year, after being away from sweden for an entire year, it felt as if i had come home. this year, skeppsgården was my home. i now have my own traditions, feelings, memories, and special places that are tucked away in my heart. i know the people, i can speak the language. what i am saying is, this place is now a part of me. i am not just a participant or observer, but i belong.

and that, my friends, is amazing. i give thanks, once again, for the beauty of having two places, two countries that i call home.

now, it’s time for me to finally share with you some photos of this magical, beautiful place – where life is simple and easy and all about community. enjoy!

DSC_0342 skeppsgården water archipelago water sweden path camp teenagers dock summer archipelago canoeing archipelago sunset archipelago rowing archipelago oar archipelago lina rowing oar archipelago sunset archipelago our room archipelago trees sunshine skeppsgården house gula huset skeppsgården tree archipelago cabins archipelago stuga gula huset archipelago skeppsgården path archipelago archipelago archipelago archipelago flowers boat archipelago archipelago campfire sunset archipelago market skeppsgården market skeppsgården market skeppsgården market skeppsgården market skeppsgården market skeppsgården maggie market skeppsgården anders market skeppsgården ego selfie me sunset archipelago sweden sunset archipelago sweden sunset archipelago sweden sunset archipelago sweden sunset archipelago sweden sunset archipelago sweden candle tips promenade sweden trees tips promenade tips promenade me sunset archipelago sweden ego me sunset archipelago sweden sunset archipelago sweden full mooon sunset archipelago sweden me sunset archipelago sweden sunset archipelago sweden full moon sunset archipelago sweden friends

here’s to wishing you a sacred place (or two) of your own, where you can just be who you are, where you can connect with your soul and others, and where you can feel at one with the nature that surround you.

peace and love.

rocky coast sweden

crossing sweden: coast to coast

hello! well, it’s been a whole week – or more, actually! – and i’ve been totally off the grid. no telephone. no internet. no nothing. only the bright blue swedish sky, the hot yellow sun, the shimmering baltic sea, and the dark green forests hugging the swedish archipelago. it’s been like living in a little sliver of heaven for a week – a little taste of how life is supposed to be lived, within a community of friends and family, laughing together, working together to take care of one another, and enjoying the peace and joy of simply being with each other and with ourselves.

however, before i show you the photos from my little place of bliss, i have a few road trip photos to share. before we ended up at the archipelago last sunday, we drove from norrköping (home) on the east coast to gothenburg, on the west coast. we left norrköping on saturday and headed toward gothenburg to watch our niece and lina’s cousin complete their confirmation – a big rite of passage in sweden. so, saturday was a little road trip day – complete with a roadside fika. how swedes do rest stops. we arrived in gothenburg mid-afternoon, which gave us a chance to explore the city with paige, who’d never been there before. fun times.

road trip car jonköping fika

ego me self fika fika

we strolled the streets of this city that i love, popping in and out of shops, and enjoying the super warm temps that were moving into sweden. we met an old friend for dinner, and then headed out of the city to a camp-retreat center where we were going to spend the night – for free! you gotta love connections, huh?


now this little camp lies only about 30 minutes outside of gothenburg, but when you are there, you feel completely immersed in a simple, slow life. even if you are staying for only a night. of course, just a short walk (and an even shorter drive) from the camp lies part of the west coast’s archipelago –  a rocky coastline and harbor, which reminds me a bit of maine’s coastline in the states. we headed over there to enjoy the scenery and give paige a taste of what was to come in the upcoming week at the swedish archipelago back on the east coast.

for our one night outside of gothenburg, however, it was a mostly cloudy, but warm summer night of endless light. it was just the perfect thing to get me excited about our upcoming week deep in the swedish nature.

harbor sweden west coast rocky coast sweden photo sweden west coast

self timer west coast

self timer west coast girls three girls coast sweden red house west coast west coast archipelago sunset west coast sweden boat gothenburg house west coast sweden harbor west sweden sweden harbor sunset sweden harbor

on sunday, we woke up and drove back into gothenburg for the confirmation ceremony/worship service at the church where i first met lina – so many good memories there. i’ll admit that being there stirred many feelings inside of me, from missing my grandfather, to falling in love with lina, to connecting with my past as a minister and a long-time methodist. all of the feelings were good ones, i might add. nostalgic and happy.

after lunch, we headed back on the road – this time from the west coast back to the east coast  – it only takes about 4-5 hours to cross sweden from coast to coast. nothing like what it takes in north carolina. hehe. however, it took a bit longer for us because, after the usual fika break on the side of the road, we noticed a weird sound outside the left windows in the car. we pulled over, and what do you know. a flat tire. luckily swedes can do anything – the perk of being a country full of practical and always prepared people – so it didn’t take long until we were on our way again. yipee.

road trip sweden flat tire sweden

then, finally, after criss-crossing the country twice in two days, a little mini-camp break, a less than 24 hour visit to gothenburg, and a chance to see the west coast a bit, and a flat tire, we made it to our destination:

skeppsgården! – the camp in the archipelago by the baltic sea that we visit with lina’s family and friends every summer. oh, i can’t wait to share with you the beauty that is this place. there is no week like camp week here in sweden.  if you just can’t wait, though, to see what it looks like, then you can always sneak a peek at some blog posts from the past few years: just click here and here.

trees skeppsgården sweden

love and peace, dear readers. xx


how to conquer jet lag: fun!

woo hoo! the fun has already begun! in fact, i was telling lina this morning that i’m gonna need a vacation from all of the excitement and fun that’s been going on since the beginning of may – it’s been so intense and so much amazingness. hehe. but, seriously, it takes my breath away when i think of all that i’ve done and all of the people i’ve been able to spend time with. so incredible.

well, i’d say that my jet lag is almost over – maybe. but, i haven’t had time for any jet lag anyway, we’ve been going almost non-stop since getting here. ok. we did take a two hour nap after we arrived. but, we went right into exploring downtown the next day and even a bachelorette party! lina’s sister is getting married while we are here, so we kidnapped her and took her out for an evening of drinks, hot tubbing, dinner, and more drinks. it was so much fun to be a part of a new swedish tradition, as i’ve never been part of a bachelorette party before.

for the 4th of july and we headed over to our super fun american friend’s home to celebrate with a bbq. my dear, amazing friends from the netherlands (who also live here) were also there, so i am still overwhelmed with excitement and joy from seeing them! it was unbelievably amazing to hug all of their necks after a year.

so, you see, with all of the fun and craziness, i’ve just had to push right through my exhaustion from the time difference. jet lag? psha! i defeat you jet lag!

charlotte airport greenland eleven pm tram stop me ego knappingsborg fika pastries fika fika corner lina and her sister ulrika bride to be bachelorette party cheers IMG_4513 IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4532 IMG_4542

IMG_4596 IMG_4628 IMG_4630 IMG_4631 IMG_4632

now, we’re off to our annual family camp in the swedish archipelago! it’l be a week totally off the grid. completely immersed in nature – with nothing to do but enjoy the scenery, eat food, catch up with friends and family, and literally just be. so, dear friends, i wish you a good week ahead – and i’ll post again next weekend! be safe and soak up every little moment wherever you are.

lots of love and peace to you. xx


the first cozy evening

it’s wednesday evening and we have landed safe and sound in sweden. we’re all settled in at lina’s parents’ home, ready for our vacation to begin – receiving so many greeting on Facebook and instagram from people who are welcoming us back and making plans to see us sometime in the next 4 weeks. so, now, it’s time for tons of adventures, lots of time with friends and family, fikas galore, a week totally off the grid in nature, road trips and who knows what else we can get into! but, before we get into anything, this girl’s gotta sleep. so, with the sun not even close to setting now at 9:15 pm, i’m closing the blinds, drawing the curtains, stretching out and snuggling under the covers.  you know, it feels quite good to be here in norrköping again. everything’s beautiful, cozy, and familiar – just as i remember it.


photo by lina with my iPhone

night night, friends. peace & love. xx

who knows where blogging will take you

i have an announcement to make – and it’s not so much about me. well, it is about me in the sense that it affects me in amazing ways, but i’m not the one doing anything, i’m just on the receiving end of the awesomeness.

*blow bugles*

my dear, amazing, beautiful friend paige (the blogger at for the love of wanderlust) has moved to asheville!!!

ok. let me give you some background: at some point while i was living in sweden – sometime during my first year there – an awesome, inspiring travel blogger named paige started following my blog, and i started following hers. we left comments for each other and i ended up talking her into getting an instagram account, so soon we were stalking each others’ photos too. one thing led to another, and we started becoming blog friends. she even send me an amazing package, with jack jerouac’s book ‘on the road‘ in it!

so, through the years, we followed each others’ lives and adventures. and, when i moved back to asheville, paige and i knew we’d have to meet face to face one day. well, she was planning a solo trip across the southeastern usa, when we decided that she’d just have to make a stop in asheville to meet me and lina – in person! plus, i knew by now that she’d love asheville.

well, this past january, she made that trip and stayed with us about 5 days. it was the beginning of our real friendship – which has felt more like a family-ship than anything else. by the time she left, she declared that she wanted to move here. and about a month or so  – and two more trips to asheville! –  later, she decided that she would actually, really, truly move here!!

Blogging meet paige and me

the first time we met face to face: january 2014

me, paige, lina

adventures together in january or february or march – i can’t remember. hehe. one of paige’s return trips to asheville. 

and yesterday, paige made the big move! she is now officially an ashevillian (all the cool kids are. hehe)! and i/we could not be more excited and amazed! below are some of our celebratory moments just after she arrived last night!

cheers paige


seriously, people. from reading each others’ blogs for the past 3 years to meeting face to face to being neighbors. what a powerful, powerful, amazing thing this blogging world is. what a gift it is to have the opportunity to travel and meet people, to find new friends and kindred spirits. what an incredible way to change lives. and i have the joy and pleasure to have the blogging world affect and inspire me over and over again.

all i have to say is that i am so grateful. and excited. and i encourage you, if you are a blogger or a blog reader, to reach out to each other – you never know what will happen or where blogging just might take you!

biscuit head blogging and here we are today. right now. doing that thing that brought us together in the beginning: blogging. ♥

oh, and one more thing: welcome home, paige!!

paige has started a new blog to celebrate her new life in asheville – called “my asheville life”. you can find it here. of course, she will still have her main blog, for the love of wanderlust, an inspiring and amazing travel blog. check it out here.

peace and love. xx

a sun and surf getaway

i have the pure joy and good fortune of having my parents live at the beach. they live on the coast of north carolina, a place that has been part of my life as long as i have been alive. they’ve lived here permanently for almost a year now, but they (or someone in my family) have owned or rented a home for years. so, whenever my love and i have a chance to snag a long weekend, a mini-vacation, we head here – to atlantic beach/morehead city for some good ole rest and relaxation.

when we are here, we usually do the same things every single time, all of which involve the following things: water, food, drinks, family, boats, sand, sun, coffee, docks, sunrises, sunsets, bare feet, bike rides, more sun and more food and more water.IMG_2106 IMG_2128 IMG_2132 IMG_2143 IMG_2137 IMG_2142 IMG_2146 IMG_2148 IMG_2158 IMG_2164 IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2176 IMG_2188 IMG_2203 IMG_2210 IMG_2223 IMG_2242 IMG_2244 IMG_2245 IMG_2246 IMG_2254 IMG_2263 IMG_2274 IMG_2280 IMG_2286 IMG_2287 IMG_2297 IMG_2303 IMG_2305


it was an amazing couple of days away from home – days we have used to celebrate and kick off our amazing summer ahead. that’s right, lina’s done with school and our summer is jam-packed with amazingness. so, we decided that we’d use these days at the beach to just relax and be before everything gets crazy fun. but, we headed back yesterday, friday, because soooo much more exciting stuff is coming up!

today we’re preparing our home for some visitors from sweden!! tomorrow, on sunday, we are heading to the airport to pick up lina’s mom and two of her aunts, who will be with us for a week! then, when we take them back to the airport for them to return to sweden, we are hopping a plane to NYC where we will meet lina’s brother & cousin. during the week that we spend in NYC, lina will turn 30, so we’ll have some major celebrations up there in the big apple! think: eating out. a few touristy things. photo-walks, cafe visits. a broadway show. and the apartment that we’ve rented in east village – gaaahh! can’t wait!

after NYC, we’re back home for a week with lina’s brother & cousin with us, and then we’re just gonna spend some time loving asheville: breweries, the pool at our apartment, hiking, being creative – my love and i are going to design and write a book! of course i’ll keep writing for the newspaper too. then, in june, we head back down to the beach for a week-long family beach week (year #30!!). and directly after that, we are headed to sweden for a month! and all of that’s only from now until the end of july!

what an amazing summer we have ahead, of just enjoying life and soaking up every single minute together. i am so unbelievably happy and blessed and overwhelmed.

here’s to kicking off our summer at the beach! happy weekend, to you, lovelies!

and we’re off!

my love and i don’t mess around when it comes to celebrating. nope. and in honor of the fact that lina just completed her last final exam for the semester and her first full year at an american university (and did an amazing job at it!), we are gettin’ outta dodge = it’s time for a road trip!

school’s out and we’re headed to the beach! like, today. right now. so, see ya later peeps. we’ll only be gone for a few days – because lina’s mom and 2 of her aunts are coming to visit for a week! i know, tons of excitement right now, right?!


wishing you a fantastic week wherever you are – and wherever you are, seek the peace within that reminds you that you are exactly where you need to be (even if you don’t want to be there). hold on… because, you already have everything you need within you. we all do. and all we need to do is connect with our true self, with our soul, with the universal flow of peace and love that runs through us all…

but, more about that in another post. for now, it’s windows down, radio on, and beach-bound!

peace out. xx

a day trip to cherokee reservation & bryson city

last saturday was gorgeous. and you know what that means… road trip!! there is nothing like packing a few snacks (thanks to my love!), filling up the gas tank, and heading out with no real plans – except that we were headed west, toward cherokee, nc.

lake junaluska car maggie valley

cherokee is located beside the north carolina-tennessee border (but in north carolina), and is a national indian reservation. it is 56,000 acres and home to more than 10,000 eastern band of the cherokee members.

you know the story of the trail of tears? you know, when the us government forced native americans off of their land and made them walk west, displacing them and getting them out of the area that the whites wanted to claim? well, those natives that were forced to move and walk west, thanks to the indian removal act of 1830, were from the cherokee tribe, from the mountains of north carolina. they had been living on this land for thousands of years, and yet, when the europeans began settling the area, they pushed the natives from their home. can you believe that there was a law to remove people from their homes?! a horrible, embarrasing time in american history.

the cherokee that lina and i were headed for, only about a 45 minute drive from our home, is THE cherokee where these native americans lived at one time. however, there are still many who are members of the cherokee tribe today who live here. it is a fairly economically poor, but historically and culturally rich, area of the state – deep in the great smoky mountains. of course, there is a huge, crazy casino on the reservation now, a major way that cherokee receive income these days. but, other than the completely obtrusive, giant, over-the-top casino, cherokee remains simple, and a feels like stepping into a blast from the mid-1900s past. think: route 66-style america – a tourist destination for american families in the 1950s.

cherokee indian reservation

after driving a beautiful, windy mountain road and passing diners and retro-motels and trailer parks, you arrive in the middle of the town. the main street is lined with shops – trading posts filled with kitschy indian souvenirs and danial boone (mountain men) things. moccasins and dreamcatchers are everywhere. stuffed black bears, hillbilly signs, and other nature-loving knick knacks are in every single store. there are a few diners filled with southern food and one amazing fudge shop, which has been making incredible fudge since my mom was a little girl.

as a child, my parents brought me here almost every sumner for a day trip. and every summer i bought a new stuffed black bear (native to the nc mountains) and a piece of native american jewelry – handmade by local cherokee.

there are also museums and a native american village display, which give tons of information on the rich, beautiful, and sad history of the cherokee. it is easy to explore the culture, arts, crafts, and ways of life of the cherokee first-hand through beautiful exhibits and displays.

but, my absolute favorite part of cherokee has always been the outdoor drama, unto these hills, which is played out on the side of a mountain, in a greek-style outdoor amphitheater. this play tells the story of the cherokee up until the time they were forced to leave their land. i am certain that it has a huge part in teaching me about the equality of all people. i remember being horrified that some people told others to leave their homes.

my love and i didn’t visit any museums or see the outdoor drama (it only runs in the summer) while we were there, but we did wander in and out of all of the quirky stores. and yes, we purchased a locally-made dreamcatcher, which now hangs on our wall – as a symbol of our dreams and our connection with all people.

mountain road hi fudge shop

heavenly fudgemy love in cherokee tourist store retro shops downtown cherokee

while we were in the area, though, we also wanted to explore a little of the great smoky mountains nature just outside of cherokee. the great smoky mountains national park is the most visited national park in the states. you wouldn’t think that, would you? but, it’s true. the mountains of north carolina are incredible. they are some of the oldest mountains in the world, way older than the rockies out west. indigenous people and plants have called these mountains home for tens of thousands of years. so, there is a rich history. and it is easy to drive on some old, mountain road feeling as if you are the only one around. there is also a rich history of “american history” (from the time of the US becoming a country until now) as well. old buildings, pioneer villages, monuments, trails, legends, and stories are found all through the mountains. you could explore the area for weeks, months, years. i’ve lived in nc almost my whole life (minus 3 years in sweden), and there is so much more to see… pioneer village great smoky mountains river mingus mill mill nc

after exploring the cherokee area, we decided we’d take another mountain road into a nearly town – somewhere lina had never been. and i hadn’t been there in over 10 years. ever deeper into the mountains, and just about 10 miles south of cherokee, lies the small town of bryson city.

i’ve never really thought that much about the town. i mean, it’s not near any big city. knoxville, tennessee is about an hour and a half away, and asheville is about the same distance. so, once you’re there, it’s just you, main street, and the gorgeous mountains. if you’re a city person, this is not the place for you to live. but, if you are the kind of person who wants to get away, soak up some nature, eat at a local diner, climb a mountain, sip on some locally brewed beer, ride a train, and raft down a river, then this is a great weekend/week getaway. a reminder of the simple things in life.

we were just coming into bryson city, when we passed a drive-in diner on the right. i blurted out how cool it was and kept driving. we realized that we were hungry, and though it looked old and very, very local, i turned the car around and we headed to nabers drive-in for lunch.

and we were not disappointed! i think it’s was lina’s first time at a real drive-in (sonic does not count, fellow americans!). our car faced the tuckasegee river (everything has cherokee names in this area), so we had the perfect view. just as we were about to order, a train chugged passed us – the great smoky mountains railway, a passenger train that provides day trips from dillsboro to bryson city. a really, really fun adventure – riding the train through the mountains. which reminds, me, we’ve got to do that soon!

train drive-in

i pushed the old button and gave our order to the cashier through the speaker. two grilled cheese sandwiches. one order of fries. one order of onion rings. and a strawberry milkshake. when in rome, right? and oh, dear lord, they delivered our food, hung it on the window, and we began salivating. it. was. so. yummy.
drive-in food

stuffed to the gills, we decided to drive down main street and park the car so we could wander a bit. what we discovered was a small town that is doing quite well. people were out and about, walking, eating, chatting, enjoying the weather. right there, we decided that we’d plan a weekend getaway in one of the bed & breakfasts on  main street a little later in the spring.

bryson city river tuckasegee river small town isa war memorial byrson city

bryson city

to finish up our amazing saturday, we decided to end with a beer at the taproom of the local brewery (natahala brewing company), which was beside the train station. we sat outside, sipped beer, and just loved every single second of being together.

exhausted, full, and completely satisfied, we climbed back into the car and made the hour long drive east… headed home as the sun set behind us, lighting up the mountains with a peaceful, gorgeous, golden glow.

great smoky mountains railway natahala brewing tap room 4 foot drop train beer


once home, we hung the dreamcatcher and settled in for a cozy night. all in all, it was a perfect day. don’t you just love day trips? dream catcher

if you ever get a chance to visit cherokee and bryson city, it is well worth your time. let us know and we’ll be your guides. there is so much history to explore. so much beauty to see. today’s trip, for me, was a harkening back to simpler times, and a reminder that the spontaneity of a day trip can be just as adventurous as a trek around the world. there’s so much to learn and so much to discover out there!

peace & love. xx