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a little of this & a little of that.

it’s sunday afternoon and i just woke from a nap. feeling so content. have i ever mentioned how much i looove naps? i am a napping kinda girl, though, sadly, they are few & far between. but, this afternoon, after work & cleaning, i snatched one up. i knew i was in need of one..

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life in the fast lane.

oh my gosh. where do i begin? life is crazy right now. really good, but crazy. working 1 job 50% and having an internship 50% is about to rip me in two. don’t get me wrong, i absolutely loooove both my job & my internship, and i do not want to give either of them..

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road trip!

Hey!! Thought it was time for a really short update… much more coming later. We’ve been in Vermont (a tiny, little, northeastern state full of outdoorsy & hippy-ish people = I love it!) since Tuesday & it has been fabulous!!! All we’ve done is laugh, eat, drink, laugh more, chit chat, and enjoy just being..

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