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road trip!

Hey!! Thought it was time for a really short update… much more coming later. We’ve been in Vermont (a tiny, little, northeastern state full of outdoorsy & hippy-ish people = I love it!) since Tuesday & it has been fabulous!!! All we’ve done is laugh, eat, drink, laugh more, chit chat, and enjoy just being..

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a procrastinating post.

possibilities. i have some things that i need to be doing right now. and blogging is not one of them. but, i don’t want to do those other things. i want to blog. i need to blog. and listen to bluegrass music while blogging. yep. that’s what i want. so that’s what i’m doing. but,..

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you don’t have to actually go anywhere in order to travel.

taken last night, while we were working. you can travel anytime… just open your eyes and look around. it’s true. i believe it. but, still, it’s nice to go someplace new. or visit someplace you’ve been before. it’s wonderful to taste new foods, see new sights, meet diverse people, surround yourself with a different culture…

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