a christmas gift from me + the moon

24 Dec 2015 la luna, spirit + soul

hello, dear wonderful friends. it’s christmas eve. and i have a little gift for you.  it’s nothing big, nothing flashy, nothing material even. but, i really want to give it to you – and i think you’re gonna like it. however, its gonna require a little work on your part too. it’s a gift that requires your presence. about 5 minutes of your time. so, if you can’t receive your gift now, if you’re busy or hurried, then please justRead More

week fifty // the week that was all about one moment of light

hey y’all. i’m gonna do things a little different this week. i had a good week last week, and was pretty busy with some important things (like signing my contract to begin work in janauary!, working at the photo boutique, and writing some), but i think i’d like to focus today’s post only on yesterday: lucia day in sweden. right now we really are surrounded by darkness here in sweden. there is less than 6 hours of daylight each day, andRead More

reclaiming december // settling into our caves

hello, friends. and happy weekend to you! i apologize right off to all of my southern hemisphere readers if some of what i write does not quite jive with your experience of light and summer; but you all know me, and you know that nature speaks so strongly to my soul. and, while we are experiencing different times of the year outside our windows, i still believe that reclaiming december (slow, mindful, intentional, meaningful living) is a desire that we all haveRead More

i think we need to learn to tuck the darkness in

i promise i’m not depressed. really. but, i did say that i was going to focus on trying to embrace the darkness that the month of october brings to sweden. i was going to let my soul go deep and just be. accepting that, for now at least, the darkness steals the light from our days. so, here i am with yet another blog post about darkness. however, i decided that i would allow myself this because we are now halfway throughRead More

two chicks + a chat // episode 2

hello, friends! it’s been a while, but lina and i are back with a new video blog! give it a little look and then leave us a comment – we challenged you to help us with something. wink wink. we recorded it a bit differently than last time, so the quality and sound isn’t exactly the same. next time we’ll work on fixing those issues. but, we are still newbies at this vlogging thing, aren’t we? hehe. until then…. enjoy! andRead More



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