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i don’t wanna miss out.

time is flying by. i won’t say how many days we have left in the states, but it is not many. sure, we’ve been here for a while, but it feels like we got here yesterday. you know, i’m not quite ready to return home. i’ve got some more restless wanderlust inside me. and i..

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a weekend on the road.

time for a road trip this weekend! yep. i’m headed to the southern part of sweden for a big weekend with my love’s biiiiigggg family. gonna be so. much. fun. we’re riding down in the car with lina’s parents, and it’ll take about 4-5 hours. you know, ya gotta stop whenever the mood strikes you…

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on my mind.

wanderlust. wanderlust. wanderlust. i wanna travel. it’s summer & i wanna get outta dodge. i’m ready for a change of scenery. but, for now, i’m staying home. gonna enjoy some time right here, and then take a few trips later in the summer, when i have vacation. today i specifically had ireland on my mind…..

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