everyone loves a {christmas} parade

my friends, monday night was super festive in my world. if i wasn’t in the christmas spirit before, i certainly am now! you see, lina and i gathered a bunch of warm clothes and headed over to waynesville, nc (about 30 minutes away where my parents live + where i used to live for a period of time in my earlier life – i lived there when i first met lina, so she’s visited waynesville a lot) to take partRead More

sensory overload. part 11. (or, i love being a tour guide!)

there are a few main factors contributing to why i have a ton of photos this week. and, i have a ton! to begin with, last week was g-o-r-g-eous (most of the week, anyway). that kind of beautiful time when you know without a doubt that you will not be stuck in narnia forever. and it is as if you can feel the earth breathing beneath your feet… waking up from its winter slumber. literally, there was something in theRead More

call me crazy, but i’m risking it.

i just gotta write about today’s word prompt for the photo challenge. today’s word is risk. and i’ve been obsessed with risks all freaking day long. and i’m serious about that. i have not gone more than 3-4 minutes without thinking about risks… what the risks are in life. what risks i’ve taken. what kind of image can i use to symbolize risk. good risks. bad risks. how scary risks are. how exciting they are. i’ve been on pinterest andRead More

reynolds shenanigans. just getting started.

shenanigans: silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief. my cousin has this word that she uses quite often, and when she was here just before christmas, she (we) used it quite a bit. “shenanigans.” awesome word, huh? for the reynolds family, it’s all about our shenanigans = the things we get ourselves in to. the adventures. the quirky, crazy things. the hilarious, unexpected moments that define us as a kooky and wonderful family. in honor of my cousin, i dedicate the nextRead More

my beloved nc mountains. lake junaluska.

lake junaluska has been a part of my life my whole life. i spent summer after summer there with my grandparents & parents, holidays when i was in high school & college, and i even lived there for a while. for some years now my parents have had a log cabin – the ultimate in mountain home styles. it’s cozy & nestled among the trees. it’s dark & woody inside. it’s big, and yet simple, with a porch that isRead More



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