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the magic of the winter solstice.

happy winter, northern hemisphere family! “There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  ~ Edith Wharton i woke up really early this morning. like about 5 am. of course, it was dark, and would stay dark for almost 3 more hours. i have been thinking of..

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the lost art of letter-writing. (or a snail mail comeback).

today, after spending some time in the gym, my love and i wandered by our post box to check and see if we had any mail, hoping that when i put the key in the keyhole, turned the lock, and opened the door, there would be something fun laying there just waiting for us. i..

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get in touch with your soul.

i saw part of an old episode of oprah the other day. she had a woman, a brain scientist, on talking about strokes. the woman had written a book, my stroke of insight, about her own experience of a debilitating stroke. it’s not that often that a neurosurgeon experiences the specific illness/disease that she studies and..

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