how one bird changed the world

16 Jul 2016 spirit + soul

as the coffee brewed, i stood at my kitchen window, drinking my morning glass of water and watching a bird bathe. i watched him land beside a puddle just outside my wrought iron gate. he took a few tiny sips of the water, then waded in. i was melting from the his cuteness, turning into my own kind of puddle from behind my open kitchen window. he dipped his head into the puddle and threw the water back onto himself. heRead More

the magic of the winter solstice.

happy winter, northern hemisphere family! “There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  ~ Edith Wharton i woke up really early this morning. like about 5 am. of course, it was dark, and would stay dark for almost 3 more hours. i have been thinking of the winter solstice ever since december began… and i found it on my mind again this morning. and as i lay there, exhausted and cozy,Read More

the lost art of letter-writing. (or a snail mail comeback).

15 Aug 2013 culture + art

today, after spending some time in the gym, my love and i wandered by our post box to check and see if we had any mail, hoping that when i put the key in the keyhole, turned the lock, and opened the door, there would be something fun laying there just waiting for us. i mean, really, don’t we all wish that?! something other than bills or junk. and, you know what? today there was! it was real, live, genuineRead More

get in touch with your soul.

i saw part of an old episode of oprah the other day. she had a woman, a brain scientist, on talking about strokes. the woman had written a book, my stroke of insight, about her own experience of a debilitating stroke. it’s not that often that a neurosurgeon experiences the specific illness/disease that she studies and works with.  crazy, huh? anyway, the left hemisphere of of her brain shut down/exploded completely during her stroke. all processes. all logic. all reason. allRead More

there has to be something we can do.

19 Apr 2013 culture + art

i’m under my covers, sipping on coffee, safe in sweden, while chaos is unfolding across the atlantic in boston, massachusettes. i’ve got a local boston tv station streaming live and i’m checking twitter every few minutes and the news is unfolding in real time before my eyes & ears. i tend to do this when big things happen. and it doesn’t have to only be in the states. i was glued to my computer when revolutions occurred in egypt andRead More



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