04.16 grounded // celebrating five years of blogging + so much more

when I think of being grounded, i think of being humbled. in awe. i think of all of those feelings + moments that lead me to bow my head or close my eyes and breathe deeply. after the beginning of this year, i have definitely been humbled. reminded of what is really important. gotten a bit of perspective. i have been in awe of how life unfolds. i’ve felt amazed, overwhelmed, and grateful – while at the same time completely tossed about. sometimes,Read More

a fifteen minute post in the middle of the week early in the morning

27 Jan 2016 spirit + soul

i have this idea, this beautiful idea, that i am going to write and schedule all of my posts for the week ahead during the weekend (or on monday, the day i work from home). however,  it remains just an idea. i do not seem to get it all done. for example, this past weekend/monday i was able to write my post that i posted on monday. that’s it. i was a bit disappointed in myself. not because i needRead More

15 obscure words that i absolutely love

13 Jan 2016 culture + art

obviously i am a lover of words. i definitely use them a lot. and i’m super long-winded, no matter whether i am writing or talking. i can go on and on and on… hehe. for me, though, i love words + i use them so much because i have a lot to say. i don’t have answers, and i am not trying to win people over with my words, it’s just that words, alone or strung together in sentences, createRead More

// week forty three // inspired by the everyday

26 Oct 2015 the sacred everyday

monday again?! already?! and we’ve only got one week left in october, friends. the month has seriously flown by, and it feels like i have mostly been focused on things at home lately – which feels good. i’ve been cooking, nesting, writing, and, of course, enjoying nature as she has transitioned into an incredible autumn up here in the nordic country. in fact, i just heard this morning that sweden has had a record number of hours of sunshine in october. so, itRead More

my routine upgrade: how to keep making sh*t happen

8 Sep 2015 life

time to create a new routine. last march, when i moved into the apartment where i currently live, i created a routine to help me get sh*t done.  i have done a fair job of following through with that routine i’d say. but, times are a-changin’ and that means that it is time to edit + revise my old routine. i need to keep the things that work for me, get rid of the things that don’t, and adjust my routineRead More



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