hello! welcome to be.love.live.!

I’m liz. so glad that you’ve stopped by. let me tell you a little about myself and this blog you’ve stumbled upon. (that’s me, on the right!)

lina and me egothe background:

a few years ago (2010 to be exact), after nine months of marriage, my wife and i moved to sweden. she’s swedish and i’m american, and we’re two girls. so, we decided sweden would be the place where we made our first home together. we took our little american cat, packed my bags, and flew across the great wide atlantic to begin our new life.

as a new ex-pat, every single day was an adventure. i was living my dream (thirteen years in the making) of living in europe. i was in love. and life was pretty crazy & amazing. so, i decided to start a blog to celebrate my life in sweden and to share what life was like in sweden with all of my friends & family “back home” in the states.

but, pretty soon, it was much more than that. as someone who has studied and worked with theology, i cannot just document my life without looking at it through some spiritual lens. the name of my blog (belovelive) became my inspiration – an outward expression of what i believed in most; and of the life that i yearned to live.

a life of being. of loving. and of living. (to find out more about what i mean by each of the words: be, love, & live, click on the photo links to the left to explore the categories)

somehow, my blog began to grow and i began to gain friends from countries spread all over the globe. some of these blogging friends even become real-life friends. in addition to creating relationships through the blog, i found myself writing almost daily, sharing my thoughts, inspirations, photos, travels, and adventures. and then an amazing thing happened: the more i wrote, the more i loved writing and the more i knew that this was my passion.

i had begun to follow my bliss.

present day:

in the summer of 2013, my love and i hopped a plane (with our cat in tow again – she’s a trooper), and moved to the states. my love, with a student visa, was ready to begin a career change and study graphic design at an american university (you can read her blog here).  i was ready to see if i could make anything of this writing passion of mine.

today, i am a freelance writer for an independent, artsy, cultural newspaper in the amazing city of asheville nestled in the blue ridge mountains of north carolina. that’s right. it’s all so amazing – my wife and i… both chasing our dreams.

we live in a cozy, funky apartment about five minutes from downtown asheville and fifteen minutes from the top of a mountain with stunning views. we are in love with our life here, enjoying every second of this diverse, eclectic, artsy, foodie city in the midst of a gorgeous, natural setting. our days are filled with studying and writing/blogging. but we always find time to enjoy dinners out, a ride on a mountain road, a visit to the biltmore estate, some shopping, a cold beer at one of the local breweries, a glass of wine on our balcony, road trips, days at the park, photo shoots, and most importantly – time with friends & family.

the future:

writing, traveling, and photography have become my passions in life. my new dream is to make this my full-time career. and i am so excited to see where this next phase in blogging leads me… ultimately, i’d love to combine writing, travel, social action, and spirituality.

i can honestly say that i have now written and blogged my way into a life that i never imagined or dreamed was possible – one that is full of inner peace, amazing people, and a celebrations of everyday life. now, that doesn’t mean that i have it all figured out, but it does mean that i am much more comfortable on this crazy journey that we call life.

ultimately, though, this blog is not about me anymore. it’s about you. of course, what i write and share from my life are about me, but it is my deepest desire to educate, inspire, challenge, and connect with each of you. it’s a way to raise my voice and share my story – in an effort to make a difference in the world. the best way i know to do that is to write about the life that i live – because i believe that, while we each have a story to tell, we are all a part of each others’ stories and the one, great, story of being human. what we seek individually, we all seek collectively: love and hope and peace and equality.

if you’re a first-time visitor, then an extra special welcome to you! take a peek around, and leave your footprints somewhere. i would love to connect with you. i would also love to collaborate with other spiritual, travel, and life bloggers and anyone interested in publishing memoirs.

if you are interested in working with or connecting with me, please email me at thefikagirl@gmail.com

with all of my heart, i hope that this blog will be a place that you find rest, comfort, fun, inspiration and love. thanks for stopping by. i’d love to hear about stories from your life of adventures and what inspires you.

namaste. ♥ liz

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12 thoughts on “my story

    1. Hi Caitlin! Thank you so much for the nomination! I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been busy. :) I will be working on my nomination post in the next few days. Thank you so much for the honor!

  1. Hey Liz ~ I found you through the delightful Jess Witkins and am very glad I did! I’ll be hanging around … I may not always comment but I’ll be around! Love your intro and how you are living your dream!

    1. Hello Patricia! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Your words are so kind and sweet, and I am overjoyed that you have found my blog a positive place. :) Thank you for commenting and letting me know that you are reading – that way I’ll be sure to keep you in my thoughts. Peace and love.

    1. I just realized that I never responded to this comment you made, though I saw it and read it months ago! I have since visited your blog and I love your focus on wandering. Thank you for commenting and I hope that we can become blogging buddies. :) xx

  2. New about page?! Or at least since I read it last…
    I’m doing some blog shaped research… Love this page! Very you well done!

    1. I don’t remember when I updated it last, but it was a few months ago. Sometime since I’ve been in the US again. Thanks for noticing & for saying that it fits me!! xx

  3. Hi Liz, I am really glad I stumbled across your blog as your images are inspiringly beautiful, with a spontaneous and almost dreamlike feel that I can never seem to manage… Really enjoyed reading your story too, and am looking forward to more in the future. Best regards from Melbourne!

    1. Hello, Michael! Thank you for stopping by all the way from Melbourne, and for your super kind words. It’s always great to connect with fellow photographers, who understand the love of linking images and life. Looking forward to perusing your website + blog too!

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