you guys, i’ve been keeping a secret.

you know how i ranted and raved a few weeks ago that my love + i had to suddenly move out of our apartment (that we are subletting)? well, we still do have to move. and it’s been a hell of a time trying to solve that problem.

however, i can say, that as of right now… problem solved!

here’s how we solved it:

since we are subletting, we immediately began looking for a new place to sublet – a near impossible task in uppsala where renting is uncommon and unavailable due to high demand. if you want to rent an apartment, you have to get on a waiting list about 8-10 years before you want to rent. uhhh… impossible for us. if you want to sublet, then you have to compete with the thousands of others who want to sublet in uppsala. we were only 1 of about 25 couples who, within one hour of it being put out on the internet, applied to get this apartment that we’ve been living in. lucky us, huh?

in any case, getting back into the searching mode was not something we looked forward to at all. plus, we knew that we’d just have to move again within a year (if we are lucky).

well, we looked for a few days, and then we realized that we had an opportunity to actually BUY an apartment. that’s right… to own our own place! this is a much more common way to live, but a ridiculously competitive process as well.

so, we set out, with a strict budget in mind, and began looking for apartments. we went to some showings, and soon realized that we hated this process so much.

it should be fun to go to open houses, but instead, it was stressful…. especially once we found THE apartment. one that we fell in love with immediately. the stressful part was that there were other people at the open house, and all of them seemed interested. i could barely focus, and i was dying because i was so in love with the place. we both were.

lina me home

we decided to put in an offer, and then the super craziness began. another guy competed against us, and a bidding war was on. in the end, after about 36 hours of back + forth bidding and a roller coaster of emotions, we won the final bid. the seller chose us!!

we signed a contract and then got down to bank business. a few snafus with my stupid swedish id card, which was holding up the process, and finally everything was done… less than 24 hours before our closing date.

and today is that day! closing!

as you read this, we will have just left the real estate office, signed the contracts, and gotten the keys to our new apartment! our very own home!

the past month has been insane. truly. something like i have never experienced. and i am exhausted. nothing has gone easily. we’ve had to fight every step of the way. and just as we got one issue fixed, another issue/challenge popped up. it’s been an insane lesson in letting go of control and knowing that all we can do is focus on the moment that we were in. our entire future continually ended up being in other persons’ hands.

but, i am so very grateful, even for this crazy ass process. i am grateful more than words could ever express. what started out as an incredible inconvenience has turned into one of the biggest, most amazing blessings ever.

now we have our own home. and our marriage is stronger than ever. and i am blown away at how life unfolds.

stay tuned… because we have much more to tell. much to show. the adventures continue! but, for now… we celebrate!

xoxo. liz