well, as i mentioned in yesterday’s post (the last nyc post), we made it back to asheville from the big city. all four of us. that’s right, lina’s brother, jonas, and cousin, peter, from sweden met us in new york and flew down from nyc the same day we flew back. so, we spent 4 days in nyc together, and now we had about 5 days in asheville together! this, of course, was now our second round of swedish visitors after lina’s mom and aunts were with us one week before. basically, lina and i are professional tour guides for the asheville area now. hehe.

well, what to do with jonas and peter was quite easy to figure out. they are both so laid back and relaxed – and they were excited to do whatever. so, here’s what we planned: good food. good beer (it just so happened to be beer week in asheville – a really, really big deal in beer city, usa). some nature time. some family & friends time with our family & friends here in asheville. a little shopping – souvenirs and stuff. and lots and lots of laughter and fun. i mean lots.

it pretty much was an amazing few days with the guys, and we did not want to see them go. i think we got them hooked on asheville – they even bought t-shirts that say “keep asheville weird” and beer paraphernalia to take back to sweden. i am certain they will be back as soon as they can, which makes lina and i very, very happy. because we dig those guys so much – love them to pieces.

it was super special to have them meet my brother, so the last photo touches my heart so much – me & my brother, and lina and her brother – and our brothers were born the same year, a few months apart.

well, that’s it for our swedish visitors until the end of july – we will be bringing lina’s cousin and our niece back from sweden = two teenage swedish girls in the usa! before then, though, we will see everyone again pretty soon, since as we leave for a month in sweden in just 4 weeks. woo hoo!! for now, though, here’s a look at the latest invasion of the swedes in asheville:

morning balcony highway 209 up max patch halfway max patch top max patch panorama max patch boys max patch panorama view max patch appalachian trail max patch us me max patch top view max patch downtown avl asheville the wedge avl beer week 2014 family home marshall train marshall siblings

amazing family = amazing moments. and how cool was it that we got to vacation in nyc together, travel to asheville together, spend time showing them around our home, and blend our families together?! gaaah. i am so blessed.

hug your family. peace & love. xx