Still no internet folks. And still no data on my phone. So, my life has been looking and feeling very different lately. But, I’ve been learning so much, and reflecting even more. 

I’m at work, using the Internet here, silk blogging on my phone. But, I thought I’d squeeze out my weekly update (2 days late!) in about five minutes. So, here come tons of photos and not so many words. I’ll let the images speak for themselves…

As I look through these photos of mine from the past week, while sitting in my chair at work and preparing this post, winding up a day jam-packed with intense conversations with students, feeling the pain of another when I hear a student say that she doesn’t feel like anyone sees or hears her, and trying to come up with creative ways for teachers to work with students who learn or act a little bit differently, my heart aches + things feel heavy. I ache for the broken teenagers, who face such deep and difficult things in their lives… I ache for victims of violence + terror. And for the suffering and fear that grips us all in so many different ways and on different levels. And I find myself wondering… how long? 

And then, I feel my soul swell with gratitude for simply being alive. Gratitude for the little things in life. And gratitude that, perhaps my life just might be used in some little way, to help ease some of the pain and bring about an inkling of hope. 

Sending love and light… and deep peace to you all.