i don’t know if it is the magic of the holiday season or what, but somehow i found myself feeling like myself again this week.

everything just felt a bit more “right”. or normal. or something. life felt familiar. does that make any sense?

in any case, work went smoothly.  i was effective, my kids were inspiring, and i even snuck in a work-from-home day which allowed me to get sooooo much done, all while listening to christmas music, sitting in cozy clothes, and drinking coffee all day long. things on the home-front were quite calm as well. and there was even ok news from my family in the states – there was a surgery this week.

 so, i decided to go with the calm energy flow and focus on having a very slow, mindful december. to find out more about that click → here.

i have been feeling such an itch to really start planning things for the upcoming new year… business-y things. so, i’m letting all of that simmer and incessantly making notes in my moleskin notebook. lots of plans + ideas just waiting to be born and set in motion. and that all feels amazing.

plus, i am carving out a little time each day to watch “gilmore girls”. yep. that is a crazy, silly, self-care priority of mine right now. i’m only on season 3, so i’ve got a lot to catch up on. but, i’m absolutely hooked. feeling all of the stars hollow feels. that’s right. i’m a fan.

in any case, these are a few snaps that i took during the week. it is sooo dark most of the time right now. but, i am really , really loving it actually. and, even though i’m feeling a little subdued christmas-y, i’m enjoying our simple decorations, christmas movies,

home sunrise Processed with VSCO with a6 preset star window christmas decoration christmas tree uppsala downtown sunset

weekend momentssunrise snow ice meditation cozy sunday movie christmasme lina uppsala

so, we are headed closer and closer toward the end of this year + the beginning of next. how are you feeling about it? for me, i’m feeling so much more positive than before. oh, there are still some tough things that my love and i are dealing with, but everything feels much more manageable right now. and we see, over and over again, how strong we are.

that’s the beauty of life, of evolving. the things that we experience serve to transform and change us. it’s like that old saying… what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. and the craziness of this past autumn has most definitely taught me some things. the entire year has been one large learning curve… something that i will save to ponder + process in a post later on in the month.

in the meantime, i wish you a good mid-december week ahead, lovelies.

xoxo. liz.