i have a confession. for as much as i say that it’s up to us to make ordinary days extraordinary, and that it’s the regular old days that are actually all of the sacred moments, sometimes, in the middle of those days, it’s hard to see it.

i had a rather unbelievable september, and i realize now, that it is hard for me to come down from the high that i felt throughout the entire month. honestly, october has been a bit of a bore, when i compare the two.

and, even as i type this, i find myself thinking that i’m a big whiney baby. poor me, right. i’ve had so much fun lately that i am bored now.

well, it’s not just boredom.

life is a crazy up + down ride, you know. constantly. and, right now, it’s on a downward turn, with some up moments mixed in. inside, i feel calm. outside, situations are not so fun, though. work has been really, really tough. i am finding myself learning a lot about what i want + who i am. in addition to plain ole work stress, the days are darker + darker and grayer + grayer. nature is reflecting the blah-ness of these current days. and, then, people around me are struggling and hurting and fighting, which makes my heart ache. but i just keep plugging along.

with not a whole lot of energy. and not too much motivation above + beyond my 8-5 job. lacking inspiration. and, yet, all the while, focusing on staying calm + centered. and, amazingly, that seems to be working out pretty good. meditation is the shit, you guys.

still, as i said. it’s all just a bit blah right now.

and i know that that is just how it is sometimes. it is truly all part of the journey.

yet, even in the blah-ness of a gray, cold, tough october, all along the way, there are these sacred moments. sometimes they just happen + sometimes we work to create them. but, the thing is, they are there. moments of calm and connection. moments of beauty and simplicity.

i’ve come to understand that this is the gift of seeking to live a slow life.  a life of being mindful + aware. 

and the discipline that i have created for myself of having this weekly blog post is the thing that makes it all possible.

perusing the photos i have taken throughout the week, gathering my thoughts, and letting the magic of the beauty of life just rise to the surface… it is truly a mindful and spirit-filled part of my week, giving me time to pause and gain perspective. allowing me a chance to process and understand, and to see how life is unfolding.

and that, in itself, is the gift of the sacred.

mindful, slow living gives us the chance to stay grounded not matter what kind of day or week it is, and to discover the beauty in every passing moment. pausing to breathe makes all the difference, because it is then that we see that even though there is suffering and disappointment and hurt and boredom, there is also magic + mystery. if only for one split second.

i was wiped out at the end of this day. and i felt overwhelmed and very, very blah. so, i gathered a bunch of my fave plant babies in my home + took a photo. i created this moment of beauty just for myself. and, it really did make me feel better.
me autumn
some moments i just feel like me. and i like how that feels.

trees autumn

blogging computer
another self-made moment of peace and roundedness… writing.
home family
saturday morning shot of my family. slow living at its finest.
trees autumn
the view outside the train window… it was just so beautiful.
me shopping
creating mindful silliness
a moment of pause in the middle of a busy day (of shopping!)
breathe… it’s possible anywhere to just gather your thoughts and your self for just a moment. truly anywhere.
me movie
and, sometimes, being the moment is just so damn fun. it’s not always all meditation + silence, you know. being in the moment is also crazy bliss.
trees autumn
sunday morning window moments. you know i love them.
trees autumn
looking up always brings me back down. know what i mean?

whether we observe beauty or create it, it is always there. hopefully, we are  experiencing both: learning how to live lives that recognize and are aware of the beauty that is found in even the most ordinary of moments; and also actively working to make and enjoy moments of beauty and meaning.

that, to me, is what living life is all about.

wishing you a week just bursting with spirit + beauty. because, no matter how it all looks + feels, the magic of the mystery is swirling all around us with each and every breath. it’s up to us to just slow down + breathe it all in.

xoxo. liz.