Hey, you guys! Hope you all have had a good week. Over here, we’ve had an intense and exciting time. As most of your already know, we bought an apartment this week + are spending this weekend moving in!  I’m still having a hard time believing that all of this is happening –  and I am beyond grateful. There are truly no words. 

I’ve got tons of stories to tell about this week, but we don’t have Internet in our new place, so I’m just doing a quick update on my phone. Hehe. 

But, it’s also gotten me thinking about these weekly updates on the sacred everyday. I think I’m going to go back to simply posting a bit of text + tons of photos. I didn’t quite get connected with my little 4-3-2-1 format that I was using. So, here we go!  A few photos from this week! 


Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, and hopefully a few moments of magic and gratitude of your own! 

xoxo. liz.