To be honest, I prefer full moons. I prefer their big, bright, white magic. Mostly, I think I prefer them because I can see them (provided it’s not cloudy). I can physically look up + gaze. And I’m mesmerized every single time la luna lights up the night sky in all of her radiance and fullness. 

So, I’m not as big of a fan of new moons. And, I’ll venture to say that it’s specifically because the moon is hidden from sight. Unseen. Mysterious. Shrouded in darkness. 

The night sky is an empty void of space. Yes, on a clear night, the stars twinkle ever more brightly without the moon’s glow, which is beautiful and amazing… but it’s just not the same to me. 

I want to see it all. 

If I dig a bit deeper, I understand that what I really want, what we all often really want, is to really see. We want to know and understand. We want the whole picture, the entire plan, all of the details. We want to know the outcome and how we get there. We don’t want the darkness, the uncertainty, and turn away from the call to just trust that what we can’t see, what we can’t know, is really there. 

We want to see the moon. Without seeing, how can we believe? How can we trust?

But, every single month, during the new moon, the sky goes dark. And nature reminds us that in that darkness, in that void + emptiness, light is created. The potential and possibilies are endless in the dark, condensed mass of what we call nothingness. 

So, with this new moon this weekend, we have an opportunity to try our best to not get all freaked out by the things we cannot see or know. We have a chance to slow down just enough to find the inner courage to look up into the dark sky and just wait. 

We are being called into something new. There is change, adventure, and creativity on the horizon. There is a push for us to accept and move forward into who we really are… to actually live the life that we want to live. 

It’s all possible. Everything. And the truth is, it requires faith in the dark. Believing without seeing. Trusting without knowing. 

The way forward may not always be easy – especially when we can’t see what lies ahead, or were afraid of where we are right now. And, even if we’re open to it all, and that we think that adventure + change are exciting words, but they are often accompanied by fear and uncertainty. But, to create the life that we want, we have to work hard. However, the journey is so worth it. The ride may be wild and mysterious, but it is in that wildness and mystery that we find the deepest part of ourselves, that we discover who we really are and what life is really all about. 

We must dare to look up. To trust + believe. Because the moon, though she is hidden, is always there. Just because we cannot see doesn’t mean that we cannot know. We may not see or know in the way that we want to, but we can understand and feel the mysteries just the same. If we just stop + breathe + listen. 

During this new moon, as we let go of our fears and release the past, ready to forge forward into the unknown, we do so by finding the still point within to guide us through the magical darkness. 

Right now it’s time for us to trust that a divine plan is unfolding. We can’t see it. We don’t know anything about it. And moment by moment we will love it and we will hate it. But, we are journeying home. Home to ourselves. We look up into the big, black void, and we connect with the vast darkness all around us. We remember that we have all that we need already within us. For, we too, are stardust. 

And we let the journey come as it will. We trust the process. We believe in ourselves. And we let it all simply unfold. 

For now, we only see a tiny sliver, or nothing at all. But soon, soon the mysteries will be revealed. We will know. We will understand. And we will see how every single unknown step of the journey has led us to this very moment. 

New moon blessings to you all. 

xoxo. liz