happy hump day, friends! time for my third, and next-to-final, countdown as i look back over my 2015. over the past two weeks i counted down my top instagram photos and my year in music. and today, it’s all about the blog. what did you guys enjoy reading about? what were the the top, most popular posts on be love live throughout 2015 according to you?

well, i did some research, and it seems that it is a little mix of everything from quotes, to marriage, to equal rights, to beer, to spirituality, to life in uppsala, to tips on creating a routine. i do write about a lot of different things, i guess, so it’s super fun that you guys liked all different kinds of posts. i think that it’s the perfect summary of what my blog is all about – finding meaning + beauty + spirit in regular, everyday life.

so, without further ado, here are be love live’s top 9 posts of 2015! go back and re-read them, if you’d like!

flying sunset


me hood graduation

1 // Quotes about being an expat + living abroad

2 // The Two Chicks Guide to Asheville Breweries 

3 // When I called the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church home 




me coffee

4 // Five reasons she’s the best thing that ever happened to me 

5 // Ten things I learned during my first three weeks in Uppsala 

6 // Why I don’t care about being happy 




7 // Mercury retrograde is over: what the hell just happened?! 

8 // What’s at stake: waiting for the supreme court to decide on love

9 // My daily routine: or, “how to make shit happen”

thanks so much, dear readers,  for being such dedicated followers, for reading the things that i write, for commenting, and for sending me so much support and love. i can feel all of your energy. and i send you lots of strength and positivity right back.

next wednesday i’ll share with you my big, final year summary. a post that i love to do every single year. so, stay tuned for that!

in meantime, we’re off to norrköping today, where we used to live + where lina grew up. we’ll be celebrating with lina’s family this year, which will be cozy and nice and filled with swedish traditions. i’ll be soaking it up, and missing my parents and my brother immensely, all at the same time. but, such is the life of an expat. and, while it’s always happy + sad with every holiday, it is also such a blessing to feel so much love, even spread out all over the world.

and, to all of you out there, wherever you are, i send a bit of christmas love to you too. i hope that your holiday celebrations + preparations are going well, and that you are finding a good balance between excitement + serenity.

merry christmas eve eve! xoxo


oh yeah! what was your favorite post on be love live this year?!  feel free to share with me below.