Today was our last day in the mountains and we stayed home. It was a good choice, I think, to balance all the amazing busy-ness with just being lazy + present. 

But there was a restlessness in my soul. A yearning to immerse myself deep in the trees and sunshine of the mountains. To find myself far away + surrounded by nature. 

I was unsettled because I kept thinking, “I should get in the car and go on a big adventure somewhere nearby.” Instead, though, I remained at home. Trying to convince myself that I wasn’t as ancy as I felt. 

And then, as if I’d completely forgotten, I remembered that all I needed to do was to walk outside. To explore. To wander. To set off from where I was. 

And so I did. 

I walked down the driveway and turned right, heading up the mountain. It’s wasn’t long before the curvy, steep mountain road turned to a dirt road and then to a path. I kept walking. Strolling. Ambling. Wandering. 

I think that I was gone for about 30-45 minutes. I got lost in the trees. Lost in the beauty and magic. I explored and discovered and looked around. I loved these little moments of raw, wild solitude. I was sweaty and sticky… with no makeup. Completely grounded, natural, and simply me.Yes, this was exactly what I was yearning for. 

You know, so often we think we need to look far away for fun, inspiring adventures. We tend to think that adventure is way out there. When, in reality, all we really need to do is just open our eyes, become mindful + aware, and soak in every little thing that is right where we are. And when we do, we just may discover that everything we truly need is right here with us. 

May your everyday moments be as magnificent as you make them, dear ones. ↠✹❍↠

Stay wild + live free, lovely ones. 

xoxo. liz.