my soul is awakened, my spirit is soaring and carried aloft on the wings of the breeze.           ~ anne brontë

free spirit

the new year has got me thinkin’.

you & i, we’ve got this one life filled with moments that fly by in a flash. in just one blink of an eye, another year speeds by and time marches on. with the coming of this new year, i realize once again how blessed i am, how amazing life is, and how i want to soak up life like i’ve never done it before. i have so much for which i am thankful. so, i’ve made myself a promise. not a resolution, but a promise. something that keeps me grounded & true to myself. in 2013, i’m gonna continue to live my life to the fullest, enjoy the journey, seek out adventures, and embrace the free-spirited nature that i know & love.

and to make sure that happens, what i am seeking in 2013 is…

  • move giving
  • more passion
  • more giving
  • more sunsets
  • more cups of tea
  • more books
  • more travels
  • more new people
  • more mexican food
  • more challenges
  • more hugs
  • more photographs
  • more explorations
  • more drum circles
  • more simplicty
  • more dancing 
  • more nature
  • more candles
  • more wine
  • more camping
  • more balnkets
  • more kitty snuggles
  • more lazy mornings in bed
  • more laughter 
  • more gratitude
  • more vegetables
  • more oringinality
  • more silence
  • more creativity
  • more yoga
  • more trees
  • more cafes
  • more new paths
  • more rain
  • more writing
  • more spontaneity
  • more picnics
  • more walking
  • more hot chocolate
  • more volunteerng
  • more beaches
  • more christmas lights
  • more banjos & mandolins
  • more prayer
  • more bonfires
  • more connections with people
  • more authenticity
  • more wildflowers
  • more beads & bracelets 
  • more mountains
  • more countries
  • more love
  • more peace

i wanna be fearless this year because i am free. free to be me, free to be in love with life. and i want to embrace that freedom.  to not take it for granted, but to live it. to fill the pages of my life with love, peace, and . to tell my story, to write it out every day, through my words, photos, and adventures… and to work for all people to be able to feel the freedom, love, & peace that i feel. everyone deserves to feel that they are overflowing with joy.

yes, this is my list. these are my dreams & my goals for 2013, a year that i welcome with open arms, with excitement, and with joy. a year in which i embrace my life and plan to soar high. a free-spirited year that i like to call, “lucky number 13”!


this is my commitment for 2013:

to live up to the spirit that is within me.

peace, love, & freedom.