you thought i’d forgotten? no way.

12 Sep 2012 ireland

some time may have passed since my last photo a day post, but i’m still going strong. oh yeah. it’s just that september started & i was in ireland… and then, i did all those ireland posts. and time has just gotten away from me. majorly. but, if you’ve followed me on instagram, the you’ve seen that i’m on top of things. and now, even though it’s almost the middle of september, i’m back on track.

 if you haven’t been a part of photo a day, and are curious about it, just grab your phone or a camera, follow the prompts, and join in. piece of cake.

so, here we go. the first pics from my birthday month!

1. you, now. (that’s me, in ireland. all dressed for a wedding!)

2. father: the father of methodism once preached in this methodist church turned bar. cool.

3. far away. i loooove to hop on a plane & fly far, far away. (pic from dublin airport)

4. in my mailbox: just bills. sad face. but i love that my mail is delivered through my door.

5. bright: the sun greeting me after arriving home from ireland.

6. happy thursday! this day is not just like every other day… it’s the present moment. so live it up! enjoy!

7. natural: it’s perfectly natural to dance in your living room on a friday night.

8. at night: a glass of wine. always good.

9. something i do most weekends: walk to work

10: black & white

11: hero: my love, my everything.

12. together: apple pie & coffee. perfect together.

and now, here comes a little video my love made. just so you can see what i’ve been up to. just for kicks & fun. enjoy!

sending you tons of creativity, laughter, & peace.


  1. lol!! looks like you’ve been having fun! love the pics and the video! xo

  2. Love this post! And love the video! Too funny!

  3. Laura4NYC says:

    I’ve never played the video game! Looks like a lot of fun, though! Also, haven’t done the photo a day in a while. I just sorta got outta it, it was too time-consuming. Great pics for FatMumSlim’s motives, though!

    • liz says:

      omg. i obviously suck at video games. 😉 i am committed to seeing this photo a day thing through the rest of 2012, even if i feel like i’m in some dry period right now. it doesn’t take so much time from me now, instead i seem to be forgetting about it a lot. hehe. but, i feel totally sucked in, so i’ve got 3 more months to go… xo

  4. Insight says:

    OMG! I’m truly in LOVE with your eyes, wise lady. Excellent post in all respects.m/ 😀 🙂


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