12 months of gratitude in photos

Happy Thanksgiving!

For me, of course, it’s just a regular day here in Sweden. Although I did get home from work just in time to live stream Santa arriving in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and then watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (I love you, YouTube).

However, turkey day has most definitely been on my mind all day long. And, I must say that I’ve been thinking a lot of all of the things for which I am grateful.

You know, a lot happens in a year. So many moments of all kinds. And, if you’re like me, it’s so easy to be grateful of all of the times that make you smile and feel good. I mean, it’s human nature to look back on and enjoy things that make us happy. People, events, places. Trips, gatherings, successes.

But, what about the not so good things?

Are you grateful for them? Am I grateful for them?

I think I am. But, I know that I must consciously choose it. You know what I mean? Of course I don’t have to think about those things that have happened that felt amazing and wonderful. But, I do have to decide to stop for a minute, breathe deeply, and find the good in those moments and things that aren’t so easy to live through.

However, I do really believe that to live a life of gratitude, to live an authentic life, a deep and meaningful and evolving life, includes embracing all of life. The good and the bad. And finding that still, silence, true place inside ourselves is what helps us be able to be grateful for all things. To see every moment, whether it is good or “bad”, as a gift… a present for the present moment. Filled with opportunities, lessons, magic, and transformation.

So, in celebration of Thanksgiving today, I have gone back through each month since last Thanksgiving and chosen one photo. A photo that doesn’t sum up the month, but rather symbolizes something for which I am grateful. And, in looking back, I was able to see that even the tough times have turned into beautiful memories + meaningful moments as time has passed.

And isn’t that the beauty of life? Of learning to trust how it unfolds, that whatever we are experiencing and facing right here, right now will be transformed into a gift… if we simply allow it to. The magic of time and perspective and trust allow us to live a life of gratitude, come what may. Because, in the end, we know that all is well. That the universe is conspiring with us. And that love always wins.

And with that, here are a few moments of gratitude from the past 12 months.

December 2015 // Swedish friends + family that celebrate American holidays with me. (This was Christmas Day last year – in Sweden, we celebrate Christmas Eve).


January // New year, new job!img_1964

February // Moments of quiet in this amazing cathedral in my city. A place I retreated to during a very stressful month.img_1965

March // Our new home!!

April // This little cute thingyimg_1967

May // My life coaching course + the insane strength, empowerment, and pure bliss I felt on this particular day.img_1969

June // My first trip to Paris!img_1971

July // F a m i  l y ! ! (I cheated and had to use 3 pics here)img_1972 img_1973 img_1974

August // Starting the liz+lina podcast with my love

September // This incredible filming crewimg_1977

October // The calming and grounding affect of nature on my soul

November // Sharing every bit of life with this incredible woman.img_1979

Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving Day, regardless of whether you are celebrating or not. And, just so you know, we will be celebrating this weekend with dinner + family! It’s gonna be so fabulous. There just may be some videos  – and have no fear, there will be pictures!!

And, now, my friends, let the holiday season begin!!

xoxo. liz.

One thought on “12 months of gratitude in photos

  1. What a beautiful way to reflect on your year. As always, I’m inspired by the way you embrace — and are grateful — for all the things that have happened in your life. Your conscious choice to face the reality and look for the opportunity in it is totally amazing. Love to you and Lina as you prepare to embark on your next 12 months. xoxo

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