A quiet Mabon + a simple birthday in the midst of Covid-19

Everything about this year is so different, thanks to Covid-19 + the year from hell that seems to never end. Nevertheless, time is moving onward, days are passing, and the seasons are changing. In fact, this week I celebrated both a perfectly simple birthday + a quiet Mabon. I have given thanks for completing another revolution around the sun + for the onset of autumn. These celebrations always make it my favorite time of year, even in the middle of a global pandemic, political upheaval, social injustices, and personal challenges. So, while my birthday + autumn equinox celebrations may have been different this year, somehow I found that a quiet Mabon + a simple birthday were exactly what my soul needed.

This is the season of the soul, of magic + mystery, nighttime + shadows, quiet + inward reflection, melancholy + nostalgia, warmth + fire, dark + moody moments. And all of that is just what this old soul craves. Perhaps it’s what we all need right now. With the arrival of a quiet Mabon in the middle of what I can only describe as chaos, the wheel of the year turns once again + we enter the dark half of the year. From now until Beltane/Spring equinox in mid-March the hours of dark will surpass the hours of light. But, from now until the winter solstice in December, we slowly slip deeper + deeper into the darkness.

It may not feel great to fall deep into the darkness, but I think I need this time. We need this time. To surrender to it all. To release our need for control. To allow that which is not serving us anymore to simply fall away + return to the earth.

This season of darkness, release, and surrender began with the celebration of Mabon, the autumn equinox this past Tuesday. It is one of two days of pure balance + oneness throughout the year. It is a day of pause. A long deep breath, bringing us the energy of harmony + unity. On this day, light + dark are equal. They remind us that, even though everything seems so off balance all year round, nature + the cosmos are truly in a continuous flow of balanced energy + evolution. All of life, all year long, moves in rhythm with this energy, flowing always forward, light giving way to dark, but then dark soon giving way to light. A cosmic dance of oneness. One unable to exist without the other.

But, on Mabon, a silent pause. A moment of pure + complete balance of light + dark. A moment of peace + rest. And, then, the dance begins again.

I celebrated a quiet Mabon on the 22nd with a card pull and a few reflective questions to help me move into the introspective + mysterious season of autumn.

A few reflective questions for Mabon.

  1. Harvest: What do I need to take with me into autumn?
  2. Compost: What do I need to get rid of + leave behind?
  3. Light: What can I shine out into the world this season?
  4. Dark: What should I meditate on this season?

As for my birthday, it fell on Thursday, so I had to work. But, sometimes that’s even more fun actually. My love woke me early with candles, coffee, cake, and smoothies. And packages! It’s our birthday tradition to serve one another in bed and start the day with a simple celebration together. I had also received a video from my brother – and bawled my eyes out listening to him send me wishes from afar.

At work, I started my day with a walk around the grounds in the morning sun. All throughout the day my colleagues + students shared so much love and kind words. My dearest partner at work gave me some gifts and I even received a personal dance + homemade card from two students. It was such a chill, relaxing, calm day.

My love picked me up and we came home to have a cozy, quiet evening. We ordered food, watched a movie, and just enjoyed being together. So very simple. A chance to just be and reflect a little. But, mostly to just soak in and give thanks for what I have.

Now, my quiet Mabon + my birthday celebrations are all over. And the season of the witch, the season of the soul, is upon us. It’s time to draw downward. The earth is calling us home. With this season, we can let die all that has been causing us pain + suffering + worry. Letting go is not easy, returning to the dark may feel frightening, but it is in this season that we can listen, observe, feel, and discover the medicine that just might pull us out of this hell that we’ve been in.

The darkness + death that surrounds us during this time of year is just what we need to cleanse, purify, and begin again. So, let’s root down, turn inward, return home + prepare for the long, dark season ahead. It may be filled with uncertainty, fear, long nights of not knowing what lies ahead. But, this is how we evolve. For, after the dark, the light returns again.

For now, though, let’s settle in and make peace with the night. These are the days of magic, intuition, mystery, and deep wisdom. These are the days+ weeks will be just the medicine we need to carry us through.

Mabon blessings, lovely souls. xoxo. liz.

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