August’s full moon + Virgo season are here to help us settle into a groove

It was just a month ago that I was standing on the sand at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina at midnight with my brother + my wife. The moon was full up above, the waves were lapping at at my feet, the ocean roared around me and stretched out before me, endless and wide and deep. And la luna was so bright I could hardly believe it. It was magical and wild and intense and emotional. And, suddenly, just like that, here we are in August under the next full moon and settling into Virgo season… summer slowly coming to an end + autumn just around the corner.

It feels as if so much has happened and like every memory + moment over the past month has been a dream – all at the same time. However, the crazy intensity of last month’s full moon has now calmed down. Sure, life has gotten busy, as we all return to work + school after summer vacation. And, yet, the feeling in the air is one of serenity + settling in.

But, I suppose that all makes sense. Even though the relaxing days of July and early August are becoming fading memories, we are settling into a groove. We are relaxing into the flow of everyday life again.

If you should feel anything but serenity + calm as we sink into the settled nature of this season, then I’m here to hopefully give you a moment to pause + catch your breath.

August, Virgo season, and the ending of summer present us with the perfect, natural time to reflect + check in with ourselves.  Now it the time time to begin harvesting. To reap + gather in what we have sown, what we have experienced.

And the corn/sturgeon full moon today is just the cosmic sign to help us spend a few thoughtful, intentional moments focusing on the pieces of our life that fit together to make up our whole life. A chance to begin to accept the turning of the seasons, to check in with our body, mind, and soul. To refine, refocus, reinvent, and readjust so that we are living the life that we want to live. There’s no need to settle into a groove that doesn’t fill our souls. So, right now, under this full moon, we are given the chance to slow down just enough to catch our breath after summer + before autumn.

But, how?

Well, this is what I did this morning: I put a blanket down on the floor. Lit some candles. Filled a mug with coffee. Put on some cozy background music. And started to breathe.

Release: With each breath, I released. I let go. I surrendered. Whatever was on my heart. Whatever I’ve been dragging around with me since the last full moon in July. I. Just. Let. It. All. Go. With every single out breath. And with every in breath, I breathed in calm + serenity + peace.

Create space: Then, after a while, I realized that I was creating space. I was ridding myself of what I don’t need anymore, be it bad thoughts, negative beliefs, old habits, emotional pains, whatever. I was releasing it all out of me. And that was making more space within me. Empty space. Space ready to be filled.

Receive: And that space is the perfect place to receive the light that today’s full moon wants to fill me (and you) with. I was creating space, by releasing all my old shit, so that I could receive what is coming to me under the light of this full moon.

Settle in: And so, slowly, as I continued breathing in + out, I was no longer focused on releasing anything. Instead, I was focused on breathing in abundance. I was breathing in my dreams, my intentions, and all of the power + wisdom that the cosmos was offering me. And I settled into it all.

This is meant to be a cozy, focused time to settle in, to pause, and to begin to prepare as we begin to sink into the autumnal season and descend into the darkest times of the year. But, before we turn + head downward, let’s take this full moon to pause and breathe. To ponder all that we have gathered + sown since the spring. All that we have experienced – both good + not so good. And, with the bright light of the moon, let’s release all of the stuff that isn’t working anymore. Let release + refine + rest under the moon so that we can refocus + receive + prepare for the coming season of diving inward + descending deep into the quiet wisdom of the dark.

We’re not in summer anymore; nor are we in autumn. We are moving slowly in between. Settling into the groove. Saying goodbye to the free, wild days of the past. And, getting ready for the slow, cozy days at home. So, for right now, for this moment, let’s just pause in the space of it all. That empty space between releasing + receiving. Let’s just settle into it. One breath at a time.


full moon blessings, wild ones. xoxo. liz.



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