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Creating a home sanctuary.

sacred home

The Yellow Villa: Photos of Our Kitchen Reno

Lina has been planning + waiting on renovating our kitchen for years. I’m pretty sure that she had the idea to renovate as soon a we bought the apartment. But, of course, we didn’t have the money then, since we’d just bought an apartment.…

11 Apr 2021
sacred home

Redecorating As a Way to Celebrate the Seasons

I wouldn’t say that I’ve got spring fever, exactly. But, I do feel the shifting of the seasons. I see signs of the season ahead, while, at the same time, the season on its way out is still holding on. And, with all of…

17 Mar 2019
sacred home

A day in the life: Saturday in September edition

Happy weekend, loves. Yesterday I woke up and thought: Let’s do a day in the life! Not because I was doing anything super special during the day, but just because the idea came to me. And it’s such a fun little post to share…

16 Sep 2018
sacred home

6 things I love about my new Macbook named Luna

This is for all you fellow Macbook/Apple/computer lovers out there. (Although this post is not sponsored – oh how I wish it was). And, all of you non-computer lovers, stay with me because as least I’ll have some pretty pictures – one of which…

28 Jun 2017
sacred home

10 things I love about the Yellow Villa

One year ago we bought our apartment. It was an unexpected move, and originally we had no intention of buying. But, it was a crazy time, things fell in place, and suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of the real estate game in Uppsala.…

3 Mar 2017
sacred home

why i nest when the seasons change

we’re coming up on autumn up here in the northern hemisphere – and that means that i’m getting into that nesting mood. it happens every time this year… i start to stock up on candles, bring out the blankets + cozy, fluffy sheepskin rugs.…

14 Sep 2016