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16 things I’ve been doing in April

Mid-April. What the heck? Just when I think that things are going to drag on, time keeps right on flying by. And suddenly I find myself at the beginning of my long-long-looooong-awaited Easter/Spring break. *deep sigh* So, to celebrate (and take a little pause…

14 Apr 2019

10 questions + 10 answers (and then 10 for you!)

I’m thinking it’s time for a fun questions and answers post, because we all love a post with lists. And we all love learning random things about others. Plus, this one creates community and the creativity is totally endless. So, win, win, and win.…

27 Oct 2017
autumn lists

11 questions to give you all those Autumn vibes

I do a post on the autumn equinox every year. Because I loooove it + because I find it important to mark the changing of the seasons. To marvel at how the light changes + how the air feels different. But, how do I…

22 Sep 2017

Summer in the States: All the things I love the most

It’s Friday + my love joins the on-vacation club today when she gets home from work! And that means that we are in major weekend, summer, and travel preparation mode right now. That’s a lot of goodness, y’all. Sooooo…. we’re headed to the States…

14 Jul 2017

My one word weekend list

It’s been a few days, my friends. But, I have a good excuse… I don’t have a computer! Ok, so nothing horrible happened to mine, but my lovely wife sent me a text on Thursday (I had the day off + was just getting…

4 Jun 2017

11 things I am obsessed with right now

It’s time for a list. Woo hoo! I’ve got a ton of blog posts planned, and I’ve been working on the site all day long, loving every minute of it, while also thinking of tons of other things that I wanna do on this…

7 May 2017
lists year summaries

12 months of gratitude in photos

Happy Thanksgiving! For me, of course, it’s just a regular day here in Sweden. Although I did get home from work just in time to live stream Santa arriving in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and then watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (I love…

24 Nov 2016

16 things i am doing today

you know that feeling of trying to get back into the habit of doing something? that feeling that it is waaaaaay bigger than it is, even though you know as soon as you start, you’ll easily get back into the groove, but you just can’t…

18 Nov 2016