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out & about in berlin.

back on track with my next to last berlin post. this time, i’m focusing on being out in the city. all over the city, in fact, thanks to the trains, buses, & subways from the previous post. let me just say… being our &…

2 Mar 2013
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a time to remember in berlin.

the first post is here! i thought about doing it chronologically, day by day. but, then i decided to go with some themes. and today’s post is in honor of all of the history that is a part of berlin. of course, we only…

26 Feb 2013
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standing by the wall.

listen, folks. you wanna know what’s something amazing to do? something bucket list worthy? well, i’ll tell ya. it’s getting to stand beside and touch the Berlin Wall. the wall came down 24 years ago, and I remembering watching coverage on tv, not understanding…

24 Feb 2013
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guess what i’m doing at 4 AM today?!

my love & i are hopping a plane to berlin! yep. we’re on the move again. when you read this, we’ll be on our way to the capital city of germany. yee haw! i can’t wait! i’ve never been to berlin before, or even…

22 Feb 2013