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  • greece nyc travel

    where i stood.

    today was my day off. (liz does a happy dance). and guess what i did today? i stood in the kitchen various times throughout the day, in my pj’s (yes all day) and slippers,…

    1 Oct 2012
  • be greece

    my journey to peace.

    about a week ago, i had a request from a fellow blogger, the mezz, to begin a series on my journey to peace. as i said before, i was humbled & overwhelmed. and somehow…

    12 Jun 2012
  • be greece

    say yes. even if you’re totally unsure.

    i got this card almost 4 years ago when i visited greece for the first time. i have always thought that icons & images are interesting and beautiful, but when i saw this one, i…

    19 Dec 2011
  • europe greece travel

    # 6 greece: last moments.

    it had to happen. our week in paradise came to a close. it was a relaxing and fun week filled with beauty, sunshine, and moments of joy. it was most definitely what we needed…

    8 Oct 2011
  • europe greece travel

    # 5: lindos, greece.

    time for a little greek culture. woo hoo! i think that is it so amazing to have an opportunity to walk through an old village/town and to see ancient ruins from 300-400ish years before…

    7 Oct 2011
  • europe greece travel

    # 1: off to greece!

    let me begin by saying that i just spent a week in paradise. and i lived like a queen. a few times the guilt of being so lucky crept up, but then i reminded…

    3 Oct 2011
  • greece life

    födelsedagsfika. (birthday fika).

    it’s a chilly, gray sunday afternoon. i’m home, under a blanket, and just about to begin cleaning the apartment. my love is at a meeting in stockholm today and i had work at the…

    18 Sep 2011
  • europe greece travel

    no time. at all.

    seriously. i have no time right now. every minute seems to be taken up with something. most of it is work-related. but, every free minute is busy too, it seems. though i must admit…

    22 Aug 2011