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new england

A weekend in New Hampshire • 2

After such an eventful and beautiful first full day in New Hampshire on Friday, my parents and Lina and I though we’d stay with my brother until Sunday, and then head south on our roadtrip down to North Carolina. One more day to explore…

30 Jul 2016
new england

A weekend in New Hampshire • 1 

Our time in NYC flew by, and before we knew it, it was time to move on and head north. But, leaving the city that inspires us so was super easy because we were going to be reunited with my family! After a year…

29 Jul 2016
new england

new england’s finest.

it’s that time. time to pull out the pictures from my trip home to the states; and, as usual, i’ve got plenty to share. so be ready for a few posts over the next few days! woo hoo! you feel excited too, right?  when…

31 Jan 2012