10 days of intention

Documenting 2021: 10 days of Intention

1 Jan 2021

Happy New Year! It’s 2021, y’all! Can you hardly believe it? I felt really ready for the new year. Not just because of all of those 2020 vibes that we all wanted to get rid of. But, I felt really, inwardly ready to move on. I was done with the lessons of 2020 and ready to move into the energy of 2021 – whatever that may be.

I think my readiness was improved because of the unintended slow, stay-at-home holiday that I’ve had. Covid has fucked everything up – travel, traditions, family time – but, I have found a sense of quiet simplicity that I think I needed in order to begin to process the year that shall not be named + move into the wide, open possibilities of 2021.

This week, I found myself thinking about what I wanted with this new year. What intentions or vibes did I want to bring with me? How did I want to grow? I soon realized that I wasn’t ready for intentions quite yet, as my mind was as empty as the clean slate of a fresh new year. And, honestly, I didn’t really want to fill it up.

So, I put my pen to paper and began writing stream of consciousness in my journal. I just let the words, thoughts, feelings, questions come. Soon, I had come to remember that in 2021 this blog/website turns 10. I’ve been sharing my life, thoughts, beliefs, adventures, and soul right here for almost 10 years. That’s fucking crazy. And it makes me so excited + proud.

I quickly mulled over the possibility of stopping, just closing up shop here and saying goodbye. Because it felt like a good stopping point. A way to close a chapter. And to perhaps move onto something else.

But, I promptly remembered where I am in life, what dreams I still have to fulfill, what unknown adventures lies ahead, and I decided that hell no I wasn’t stopping. This is not at all the time to let this go. Something about 2021 tells me that it’s time to reconnect with this space in a whole different, yet familiar, way.

And then, I realized what I meant by that. It’s time to return to documenting everyday life again.

For the past 2-3 years, I’ve been anchored to my soul. I’ve been living a deeply inward life of discover, visioning, learning, and claiming, my powers, my medicine, my offerings, my soul. In short, I’ve learned to live my spirituality. To embody my spirituality. I have moved from believing + knowing to practicing + living. As I enter 2021, I know that I am living a slow, intentional life in rhythm with nature. A soul-led life that creates calm, magic in everyday life. The life of a mystic + a contemplative – in my own way.

These 2-3 years have been my training. And, now, how I live is aligned with how I breathe. I feel like my roots are deep and the possibilities are cosmic. I am earthy + holy all at once. Nature + spirit are not a part of my life, they are my life.

With that said, I know that it is time for me to return to some of the practices + rituals that I put on the shelf while I explored my soul. Of course, I have written about + photographed my life consistently as always. And I’ve shared my soul here all along. But, it has not been in the same way, with the same focus as I had once before.

As 2020 came to a close, I decided that I wanted to release the idea that I was going to use my blog to create or build up some kind of side hustle or business. And, while I haven’t really focused on that during these 2-3 years of inner exploration, I think I have always had that on my mind. It’s been one of the cards on the table. With 2021, I’m taking that card off of the table. That doesn’t mean that it might not find it’s way back into my ideas or plans one day, but not right now. Right now, I want this space to be pure, simple, daily life sharing.

You guys, this is a HUGE release for me. Like, HUGE. It means that I let go of so much that has been rolling around in my mind for more than 6 years. And it is fucking freeing.

So, welcome back to the space where I document my life. You may not notice a difference at all. But, my mind, body, and spirit feel it. I’ll still write about the rhythms of the year. I’ll still share photos. I’ll still aim to inspire. But, I do it all from the perspective of “this is what is goin on in my life”, and not the perspective of what can I offer you.

Are you following what I mean?

Well, whether what I’m saying makes sense of not, I know. And I hope that this shift in my blog’s purpose, this return to my blogging roots in order to celebrate belovelive’s 10th year, frees me up to find the energy + inspiration to looooooove blogging so much that I do it more often.

To get 2021 started off right + to help me get my documentary blogging groove back, I’m beginning the year with 10 days of Intentions. Back in November/early December when I came up with the phrase 10 days of Intentions, I knew I wanted it to be a way to help encourage me to return to some spiritual practices + disciplines + rituals that I have not engaged in during the pandemic. Honestly, I thought it would turn out to be 10 days of meditating or something like that.

But, again, in these sacred slow days between the solstice + the new year, I felt the idea of blogging for 10 days, about regular ole life, rise from my soul. It’s not a new idea, but it’s like resurrecting an old, sacred ritual of my past.

So, here’s day one. Completed. these are the things on my mind + in my heart. And it feels like the perfect way to start 2021. Celebrating with a simple, slow crossing over the threshold and into a new year. Quietly at home. Just me + my love. Resting. Reconnecting. Just being.

I am excited to see where these 10 days lead me, and I wonder if you will follow along. If you do, feel free to always reach out to me in the comments or in an email or on socials. One of the things I loved about documenting my life earlier was the beautiful friendships + connections that grew from this space. I know that times are different now, that how we communicate + connect may not be through blogs. I realize that Instastories/IGTV, Youtube, podcasts, etc are places people meet. Call me old-fashioned, if you wish, but this medium feels right for me right now. And, again, I’m doing this for me + honored to share it with you – snapshots of my life, my spirit, my soul. If our souls meet, then that’s just icing on the 2021 cake.

With all of my heart, I hope that your 2021 has begun with a feeling of inner stability, grounding, peace, and love. Or whatever vibe you hope to create.

Happy New Year! xoxo liz

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  • Reply gallivance.net 3 Jan 2021 at 14:42

    Happy New Year, Liz! I can hear and feel your sigh of relief in making this decision, and leaving 2020 behind and embracing your roots in 2021. How wonderful. I love your concept of 10 Days of Intentions and look forward to seeing where they lead you. All the very best, Terri

  • Reply kate1975 5 Jan 2021 at 20:34

    10 years! Fantastic. I am so excited for you. So happy to be a part of your blog this new year. You being you are the best posts of all!

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


    • Reply Liz 5 Jan 2021 at 21:57

      Kate, how are yous?! Sending you all the light and love I can. xoxo

      • Reply kate1975 6 Jan 2021 at 12:49

        Hi Liz,
        Doing okay. Started blogging more as my new year’s resolution. It is going great so far. It was just what I needed. I’m so happy to be reading your blog and seeing your end of year and new year posts.

        Good and healing thoughts to yous.


        • Reply Liz 6 Jan 2021 at 14:48

          Oh I am so happy to hear that you are blogging more as well. How wonderful that we’re both finding our way back. xx

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