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sensory overload. part 15.

14 Apr 2014

oh friends, i think i am dying to take a trip. i’m pretty sure that my weird mood this past week (which seems to be hanging with me even through today) is partly due to the fact that i need a change of pace. my wanderlust is in overdrive right now. i’m restless and antsy and i do not feel grounded at all.

luckily and amazingly, i’ve got a trip to NYC planned in may. woo hoo!! so, that will take care of my wanderlust. we are actually going to meet lina’s brother & cousin in the big apple and spend 5 days, 4 nights in the city – eeek! we’ve rented an apartment in alphabet city/east village on airbnb – that has rooftop access! we’ve gotten tickets to see les miserables on broadway – i’m dying. and i’ve made note of lots of coffee shops i need to visit during my stay – that’s right. just like my 40 days of fika last fall, the fika girl (me), is taking fika to nyc and i’ll have a whole nyc fika section on my fika blog!

anyway. the trip takes care of part of my restlessness. the other part of my ungroundedness (i just made up that word) is going to be solved through a 21 day meditation challenge – which begins today. i need to get in touch with my soul. i need to relax and meditate. and while i try every single day to live in the power of the present moment, soaking up every little thing, if i am not meditating, then i am not as deeply connected as i can be. i am observant, but i am not living from deep within my soul. and i am missing a certain sense of calm and inner peace when i don’t make time for candles, breathing, and “om”‘s.

so, for the next 21 days, the mediation in on! 20 minutes every single morning. and i can’t wait. i need it so much.

of course, posting my sensory overload posts every monday morning is a very good practice of living with gratitude and presence. when i select my photos and go through them, i am aware of the beautiful moments that i have experienced throughout the past week – and i am reminded that, even if i feel unsettled and blah, that i have so much for which to be thankful. and usually, it is people and nature that seem to lifting my spirits and provide me with inspiration & peace.

so, here you go. the moments of beauty and peace from last week, in the midst of a weird, strange, disconnected, restless week. you know, we all have them. and it’s so good to look back and realize that things are not as bad as they feel. it’s so good to reflect and redirect my thoughts and attitudes – from grumpy irritation to calm, grateful peace.

meditate french press coffee balcony white tree spring IMG_1131 coffee work green sage green trees willow trees sunshine balcony sunrise moon sunset nighttime pink trees sunshine balcony wine bottle grilling out bbq

happy mid-april week, my friends! hope you have lots of fun plans in store for the week ahead!

sending you lots of love and peace. xx

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  • Reply Laura4NYC 14 Apr 2014 at 12:53

    Amazing! We have to meet up. Glad you found an apt in Manhattan, even though I thought AirBnB was forbidden. Alphabet City is just the right place for you guys to be. Would love to meet for a drink or whatever, perhaps even spend more time with you. And hooray, more Swedish people!
    I’ve also felt the travel bug for quite some time (I haven’t been on a trip since August). I will have to come up with ways to resolve that issue. What dates will you be in the City?

    • Reply Laura4NYC 14 Apr 2014 at 12:54

      Oh, woops, it was to the side of your blog. May 19th – yaaay! So all during the week…

      • Reply liz 14 Apr 2014 at 13:35

        The 19th through the 23rd! Can’t wait to meet up with you. Yes, drinks or dinner. Whatever! Fun!

  • Reply Holly 14 Apr 2014 at 13:45

    I am experiencing something similar at the moment. I had a lovely weekend just gone, but had a couple of major meltdown moments – about stressing, about no time, no money, and no real future change with these things. It was a hungover induced moment which really didn’t help either! But alas, we do get past those blah moments… the trip thing I’m feeling a lot! We’re having a full FIVE days off from Thursday – I cannot wait – desperate for time out and change of scene. we’re only heading to the south coast, but to our favourite town so I’m happy!
    Sometimes we just need a change of scene don’t we, to remind ourselves, that the right now, is in fact more than we could have ever wished for! (I know I love my life right now, and I’m annoyed about my meltdown – can you tell!?? )
    And… you’re off to NYC – you know (do you?!) my feelings on that city!! The fact I’ve spent 3 week long trips there in the last 6 years shows hey – much more time than I’ve ever spend in our own capital!
    I’m not sure if manatus is still open on Bleeker St – but I loved it when I visited a few years ago. Oh and if you want a total over the top chocolate fix – Max Brenner?
    We air bnb’d also – amazing stay – but I guess each experience is unique in it’s hosts – we had an entire place in Chelsea for a bargain price!
    Anyway, can’t wait to follow along 🙂 and I do hope your blah thing helps!
    Weirdly, I’m starting a mini meditation thing – but a 5 min a day type stint – I think it may help my current blah thing!

  • Reply Holly 14 Apr 2014 at 13:47

    re reading my comment – I ramble… in absolutely no joined up direction… this is what I’m like in real life talking! Sorry for the lack of cohesive understanding in my comment!

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