Spring: The season of the priestess

Welcome to spring + the season of the priestess!The long winter is slowly coming to an end + it is time to wake, emerge, and rise to new life. This is an inspiring + empowering season initiated by the archetype of the priestess calling us to explore who we are created to be + how we are invited to live. That sounds a bit heavy, doesn’t it? But, it’s not, y’all. It is important… but it is also meant to be a hopeful, free-spirited, and inspiring time of the year. It’s time to step up + step into who we really are. So, let’s dig into this season, the medicine, the energy, and way to live these glorious spring days.

The rhythms of nature

This shift in the wheel of the year leads us into the season of the priestess. It is the season that reaches from Ostara (the Spring Equinox in March), through the festival of Beltane (May 1), and ends on the Summer Solstice (mid-June). Loves, it is now. time to leave winter behind and to release all of that deep, inward, resting energy. Now, we open our eyes, begin to move our stiff bones, open our windows, set our bare feet on the ground, emerge from our cocoons, and begin to live life again. But, after the winter, we are not the same. And the archetype of the priestess is here to inspire us to embrace how we have changed so we, like all of nature, can rise to new life.

The medicine of the earth

Like the first, tiny flowers pushing up from the soft ground, the lengthening days and the warmer weather, we slowly begin to also emerge from our winter hibernation. As we watch how the earth slowly awakens + is reborn, it’s good to remember that this emergence takes time. There are still snow days mixed in with the first warm, sunny days. And, if you’re like me, then there are still moments where we feel not quite ready to rise from our cozy, winter slumber. So, this is the perfect time to simply drop into the slow unfolding of the season. To understand that waking + rising is meant to take some time. Even for us.

But, as the earth awakens in the northern hemisphere, and as we begin to slowly feel more alert + alive, we see that something new is being born. And, we are also invited to see what new life is waiting for us. This season is also our rebirth.

Energy for the soul 

It’s time to release the mystical, cosmic, mysterious, airy, dreamy energy of the winter and move into the grounded, earthy, community-focused, service-oriented, personal, artsy, creative energy of the priestess. In other words, it is time to release the season of soul reflection + enter the season of our soul’s calling.

The priestess summons us to step forth. To decide what we want to take with us from winter + what to leave behind. This is the time to think through all that we have learned in the darkness of winter + the season of solitude, and to fold all of that into what we are called to step into as spring rises, nature awakes, and life begins again. It is the time for us to be re-birthed into our own priestess power. Into the ways that we, like a priest or priestess, can lead. It’s time to consider the gifts we have to offer, the ways we can inspire, and the life that we want to live. 

Wisdom, mindfulness, and slow living. 

But what does the priestess season really mean for our everyday lives? How can we integrate + align with the medicine + energy?  The priestess is a sacred leader, an empowered being embodying her truth, speaking from her soul, living from her heart, integrating the wisdom of her spirit into slow mindful ways of inspiring others. And she now guides us to discover, embrace, and step into our own power. To be wholly unto ourselves. To embrace all that we are, all of who we are. This is the season for stepping into our calling. To be sovereign + true to oursleves. To live fully in our own power.

From the spring equinox, through the easter season , and up to Beltane (May Day), we move through the portal of wilderness, of pondering how we want to live + who we are called to be. What do we leave behind? To what are we being called? And are we ready + willing to step into our soul’s calling, our divine birthright, our own personal legend?

But, from Beltane to the Summer Solstice, we truly begin to rise to our own, unique empowered priestess life. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all of us are called to be a priest or priestess. But, what it means is that this is the time for wondering…how, then, shall I live? In other words, how can I emerge and live from my soul? In what ways can I serve + lead? What unique medicine + gifts do I have to offer?

The priestess season is all about waking, emerging, rising, and stepping forth into who we authentically are. So, shall we rise up, my friends, and greet this new day, this new birth, this new season with open arms?