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  • life

    how i became a photographer

    it’s all thanks to my dad. you see, as a child, i grew up with my dad documenting everything. and i mean ev-ery-thing. we had photos and videos (the silent, colored ones, of course.…

    20 Oct 2016
  • liz+lina podcast

    liz+lina podcast // episode #5

    The weekend is finally here, and Lina and I have an incredible one on tap! We’re revealing a tiny bit of a secret project that we’re involved in and some pretty other freaking amazing…

    23 Sep 2016
  • vlogging

    my day in a minute + a half

    i am seriously trying to get into making + sharing more videos – ‘cuz it’s fun! and i just happened to be inspired by one of my love’s recent posts (who’s awesome at making videos),…

    8 Sep 2016
  • be

    My wife is bad ass

    Mondays are crazy, aren’t they? And, if you’re at all like me, they leave you feeling hopeful, energized, motivated, depressed, tired, and anxious all at the same time. And that’s just a regular Monday. …

    5 Sep 2016