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Equinox Rituals: Break Free Under March’s New Moon

As March begins + as we make our way toward the Spring Equinox (or Autumn), I can’t help but believe that the new moon that occurs in the next 24ish hours fits perfectly with the changing of the seasons. And, it just so happens…

4 Mar 2019
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: Leap into the New Moon

If you’re waiting for a sign, then this is it. There is no time like now. In fact, this is the perfect time. And today’s card coupled with tonight’s new moon, which is the last one before a new year, is telling us just…

6 Dec 2018
monthly medicine the moon

Week two: Our first steps on the dark path

Alright, wild wanderers. It’s happening. We’re sinking into October. We’re entering the second week of the month + the second week of my little challenge/journey into the dark. And it’s now time to take our first steps on the dark path. With this week,…

10 Oct 2018