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    crazy weekend nights.

    hello! ok. maybe my weekend nights are not crazy in your eyes, but they are my nights just the same. and i like them. i’m not ashamed. judge me if you want… well, perhaps…

    26 Feb 2012
  • life

    monday night’s pub.

     after a good day at my internship, my love & i met a friend at a pub  for dinner and some beer. a great way to begin a busy week. yeah. peace.…

    6 Sep 2011
  • how to have an awesome 5 day weekend.

    you knew it was comin’…. all the pics from the weekend! and oh my gosh, what a weekend it has been!! FUN FUN FUN!!! (to quote lyrics from a song i “discovered” thanks to…

    6 Jun 2011
  • life

    thank you, monday.

    a little recap of monday: warm, beautiful weather a productive day at school (a rare thing these days. hehe.) working with young adults, working with lina, & learning swedish all combined into one super…

    10 May 2011