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Welcome to The Gathering: Starting November 1st

25 Oct 2021

I’d like to personally invite you to The Gathering starting November 1. A 30 day creative journey to the innermost depths of your soul in the darkest days of the year.

In one week, those of us who live in the northern hemisphere enter the darkest, dreariest, grayest, often most difficult month of the year. As we move from October and into November, there is much that shifts. (Much more about that in my first Mood of the Month post on Nov. 1). But, for now, I will share that this shift is one that thrusts us way down into the dark. We are no longer sinking into the darkness of autumn. We are there. November feels like a long month of nothingness. A kind of void.

But, in this liminal, in-between space of nothingness, there is so much mystical potential to tap into if we can gather up the courage to embrace the dark, gray, strange days of November. In all of this darkness, we are given a chance to tune out + tune in. To let the outside world fade away and to turn inward. It’s literally the perfect month for coming home, settling in, and letting all of the outside influences disappear into the November fog + mist.

With all of that in mind, as a way to move through November a little differently this year, I created The Gathering.

As I mentioned above, this is a 30 day creative journey. And I think it has the potential to help us find magic, mysticism, and a much deeper meaning to the deep, dark, home-y vibes of November. It is my hope that it inspires us to put away all of the books, ideas, rules, and outside influences so that we can feel into all of the wisdom, creativity, and magic that we already have within us.

Since November is so dark + dreary, it is the perfect month for coming inside, wrapping up, and just being with ourselves. It is the perfect month for cozy moments of home + hearth. And for digging up all of those secret powers + wisdom hidden deep in our souls.

Finally, it is the perfect month for gathering. At home, with candles and hearty food and games and wine and whiskey and blankets. Gathering around the table, gathering in the kitchen, gathering by the fire. And gathering together all of our own magic + wisdom from the innermost depths of our souls.

I hope that we can also gather + share together. In all of those spaces of creativity. Instagram, blogs, etc.

With The Gathering, I invite you to find your own creativity, create a sense of everyday coziness, share your words + images, slow down + really find your own way to embrace the darkness by being truly present.

To join in + actively participate, just follow these photos:

I’ll be posting every day over on Instagram Stories. I’ll also create a highlight on my profile so that I can gather all of our photos in one place, creating a sense of solidarity, support, community, and inspiration.

I hope you’ll consider joining!

We’ll get started next Monday… until then, wishing you a mysterious, magical Halloween week!

xoxo. liz.

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