what’s your daily mantra?

good morning, friends & family! here’s a little thursday love and pep from me to you. ecb154ee319911e3902022000a1ddbd3_8

peace and love – receive it and share it. xx

0 thoughts on “what’s your daily mantra?

  1. Nice. I think my daily mantra at the moment is “it will all work out. It will be okay.”

    1. it’s true. we change our mantras at different times in life, don’t we? i think yours right now is very very true. it will work out. and it will be ok. keep repeating that. and i’ll keep thinking of you. xx

  2. lovely one!
    right now mine are “keep surrendering, and then surrender the surrenderer too” and “don’t let your mind leave your heart”.
    like emuse above, i too really really want to believe that everything will be all right, soon…
    <3 🙂

    1. Hi Magdalena. Those are two really good mantras, I believe. Ones that we all come back to again and again throughout life. Hold on and keep believing. There will be a time when you understand. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

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