autumn | season of the witch

Autumn + the energies of the season of the witch

  • magic: rituals, practices, mysticism, oracle
  • darkness: nighttime, owls, moon
  • spirit: meditation, cosmic, thinning veil, vision
  • earth: roots, forests, fire, dirt
  • death: release, surrender, mortality
  • ancestors: honor, lineage, ancient, descendants, indigenous
  • intuition: wisdom, silence, inner world
  • home + hearth: candles, soup, cider, warmth, homemade

Gatherings, sabbats, + holy celebrations

Autumn equinox: The season of the with begins with this sacred day of balance + the changing of the seasons. It is the day that ushers us into the darkest half of the year. We are called to surrender + turn inward. To harvest all that has grown + prepare for the dark winter that lies ahead. It is literally the day that has equal daylight + darkness. And, immediately the next day, the dark hours are more than the light hours.

Samhain + All Saint’s Day: Halloween. The witch’s new year. A day to remember, celebrate, and honor the dead. The night when the veil between the spirit world + ours is the most thin. The perfect time to ponder mortality, recognize our humanness, and listen to the whispers of those who have gone before.

Thanksgiving: An American tradition based on a legend created by whites who landed on the shores of the United States when Indigenous peoples roamed freely. The story of the pilgrims has misrepresented the truth of the horrors of war, death, and disease that white folks brought to a land that was already populated by tribes and families. For me, Thanksgiving is still a day to be celebrated…. but to be celebrated in truth. By honoring + remembering my European descendants – both their acts of war and their acts of peace.

Advent: Traditionally this is a 4 week period leading up to the celebration of Christmas. But, as I no longer associate myself with one religion, yet still appreciate the season leading up to the Midwinter/Christmas celebration, Advent is still relevant to me. But, I celebrate it in my own way. Blending old traditions from my childhood with ancient practices of waiting for Yule. But, always focusing on the energies of waiting in the dark.

Lucia. A Swedish celebration of the coming of light in the absolute darkest weeks of the year. A cozy time of mulled wine, candles, and long dark nights.

Winter solstice/Midwinter: December 21 marks the darkest, longest night + the shortest day of the the entire year. It is the turning point and the portal into the winter season. A night shrouded in darkness, and yet, the night where hope is born. After this long night, the days start to slowly become lighter one second at a time. It is a sacred, holy day filled with wisdom, silence, and resilience.