Welcome to Blogmas! (a.k.a How to find the magic of December)

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The ladies of the blues, feminism, + witchy things

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Monthly Medicine: December is Fire + Balance

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October + the dark journey home

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my mindful december: kindle the fire within

09.16 truth // new moon, new beginning + a new playlist

07.16 magic // a playlist for wonder + awe

the week that was my look back over the 1st half of 2016 // 25

06.16 unfold // a playlist for relaxing + trusting the journey

05.16 change // a playlist for allowing the unexpected

grounded 04.16 // i’m not gonna be perfect. i’m gonna be present.

04.16 grounded // celebrating five years of blogging + so much more

03.16 wild // the week that was the end of my wilderness // 12

03.16 a mixed tape for march // stay wild + live free

02.16 brave|what are you gonna do with your wild, amazing life?

02.16. the month of bravery // heed the call + enter the forest

02.16. the month of brave // why we should all live wild + free

when life tells you to “evolve + be brave”

02.16 // a mixed tape for february to call us to get our brave on