Summer 2022: The pottery, beaches, and family of western Skåne

Summer 2022: Funky, hipster, design-inspiring Copenhagen

Summer 2022: Malmö – The East Village of Sweden.

Summer 2022: 24 hours in Lund, Sweden

Summer 2022: The Archipelago

In between the full moon + the summer solstice

15 – 17 | The weeks that showed me the violence of spring

29: The week that made me want to slow down

28 (for real): The week that I was one with Swedish nature

27 + 28: The weeks that our urban loft became a home

26: The week that was the new beginning we needed

25: The week of the solstice, Midsummer, a full moon + an anniversary

24: The week that was the end of it all

Honoring those Beltane vibes: Gateway to summer energy!

Rituals + Routines: School’s back in session

Reimagine: How 2020 has taught me the rhythm of my soul

Reset #3: Why Österlen’s art, coastlines, and sunsets inspire me

Reset #2: Inspired by lavender, stones, + old city streets

Reset #1: Finding inspiration on a summer trip to Österlen

Restore: A week at home to love where I live

Rest: Settling into the rhythms of summer

How I am facing the second half of 2020

Slow. Simple. Wild. Welcome to Summer 2020.

It’s midsummer weekend + this is my last Corona Diaries post

solstice sunshine trees aligned

Midsummer Rituals: Aligned with the Great Sun

Midsummer Rituals: The Medicine of the Earth

Midsummer Rituals: A Sacred Journey needs a Niggle

Midsummer Rituals: The Truth of Sisterhood of the Rose

Midsummer Rituals: The Magic of Awakening

Midsummer Rituals: When it all comes crumbling down

Midsummer Rituals: The call of the Warrior Woman

The summer season begins today! Here’s why:

Celebrating Litha, Light, + Love: Feeling all those midsummer feels

A Midsummer night’s dream: June’s inspiring new moon

How the solstice helps us move forward to a better world. Together.

surrender to june’s solstice + her beautiful full moon

40 | june 2015 : a playlist for long days of love + laughter

valborg: an inside look at the swedish celebration of spring

on the last day of april it’s time to celebrate

celebrating summer

land of the midnight sun.

summer solstice!