The rhythm of my soul: Living in alignment with nature

For as long as I can remember, nature has inspired me. Something magical + authentic seems to come from the earth + sky + space. In fact, I’ve often thought that all truth can be found in nature. So, I suppose you could say that my heart beats with the pulse of the earth. My spirit is filled with stardust. My body follows the cycles of the cosmos. My entire soul + being flows with the rhythm of nature.

Throughout the past few years, as I’ve embraced more + more of my wild soul + my own power within, I have begun to move through the seasons, following their energy, with more intention and awareness. In many ways, when I worked in the church as a minister, I already followed nature’s rhythms. The liturgical (sacred) year actually follows the seasons of nature… from the celebration of a dark period of waiting (Advent) to the coming of light in the dark (Christmas) to rebirth + renewal (Easter) to regular days of growth + spiritual practices (summer) to the season of harvest + gratitude in the autumn. But, with my evolution from organized religion to a much more universal approach to spirituality, my understanding of the flow of nature, of the rhythms of the earth + the cosmos, and my connection to it all has deepened + expanded.

Celebrating the seasons of the year, whether Christian, pagan or whatever, means letting the energy of each season inspire + infuse my everyday life with sacred meaning. I now find myself cycling through it all, month after month, year after year, seeking to become more aware, more awake, more alive, more authentic. I find that living in rhythm with the seasons is what I have always done, but now, I experience it with even more power, inspiration, and intention. Now, I consciously live in rhythm with nature in the midst of my everyday life. And I feel the evolution of my own soul, just as I know that all living things constantly evolve.

So, yes, I have moved away from the Christian celebrations of the year in many ways, but they still serve as the foundation of my seasonal rhythms. However, the rhythms of nature are found in all religions + spiritual practices. in one way or another.

For me, to live in tune with nature, to follow the rhythms of the seasons + cycles of the cosmos, is to live a sacred, spiritual life right in the middle of everything ordinary.

And I think that is the meaning of it all.

I do not want to have a spirituality, a religion, a belief that isn’t concrete + applicable + powerful in everyday life. Spirituality is meant to be lived. It’s meant to inspire. It’s meant to make a difference – both in my own life, in the life of others, and in the world.

The rhythm of my soul guides me in tapping into the sacredness of nature so that my entire life is infused with meaning. I dive deeper into the wisdom of the earth. And rise higher toward the cosmic spirit. All so I can embody who I am – from my own unique, individual gifts to the cosmic, universal divinity + light within us all.

My heart is the meeting place. And my life is where I embody it all.

As I’ve grown deeper in my connection to the rhythms of the seasons + the cycles of nature, I have come to see + experience + understand more deeply the impact + inspiration that the seasons can have on my everyday life. And, that within each of the seasons there are specific energies that I can tap into.

Ultimately, though, my desire to live in flow with the rhythm of the seasons is to align myself with the wisdom of nature + follow the ancient ways of a slow, mindful, and sacred life.

My goal is to abide every day in the mystery + divinity of it all. To allow the energies of each season guide me to embody my soul for my own sake + for the sake of the world. This is my way to find deep meaning in living a life that is simple, wild, and in co-creation with the cosmos.

With all of that said, after sinking into the rhythm of my soul + deepening my own connection with nature + the cosmos throughout the past few years, I have created + designed a wheel of the year that embodies what I believe are the energies of each season. A wheel that moves us through the months, recognizes certain seasonal festivals, and taps into 4 feminine archetypes that teach ways to live our most authentic, mystical, wild, powerful, soul-driven life – for the sake of the world.

For now, I have no plans for the wheel except to share it with you here on the blog + on Instagram. My plan, for now, is to write about each of the 4 seasons, their energies + their archetypes. To explain what I am thinking.

I believe this is the cornerstone in the next phase in my life. I have no idea what lies ahead, but this wheel that I have created is definitely the central focus of my next step. I myself have lived this wheel for a few years. And it has brought me that sense of alignment + purpose. It has slowed me down + made me more aware. It has brought me an acceptance of my own gifts + power. It has given me a way to define, understand, and live my own path.

And, that’s the purpose. I am not claiming this to be some answer to everyone + everything. It is a way. It is simply a gathering of ideas, energies, and tools that anyone can use in order to find their own spiritual flow. The seasons come + go and come again. How we each relate to them is up to us to discover for ourselves. But, within each season there are universal truths found in the flow of nature, the cycles of the moon, the movement of the sun, the feelings of the seasons. My hope is that we simply slow down to be more aware. That’s it.

So, there you go. You’ve now seen my wheel. In the next coming weeks I hope to share with you 4 more blog posts… one for each season of the wheel.

This wheel really represents the rhythm of my soul. Living in alignment with nature, flowing with the seasons, connecting to the earth + the cosmos, teaches me the ancient ways of contemplatives + oracles. It brings me peace, as I understand that change occurs constantly, but that we always more forward. It inspires me + slows me down, as I pay attention to the flight of the birds, the phases of the moon, the falling of the leaves, the silence of the snow. It helps me find the magic right in the middle of everyday life. It teaches me the deep truths of the trees + the waters + the stars + the sun. It gives me perspective on how important + non-important I am all at the same time.

And, most importantly, by aligning my soul with its natural rhythms, I can more easily live a soul-driven, soul-infused life – an authentic life that makes a difference not just for me, but for the world.

I decided that International Women’s Day + the eve of March’s full moon felt like just the perfect time to share all of this with you. I hope it makes some sense, sparks some interest, and raises some questions. And, I do hope you follow along as I present each season, and her energies, with you over the next few weeks.

Slow Sunday to you all, lovelies. And blessed full moon. xoxo. liz.

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