The week that I chose acceptance + resistance as my way forward

telling my story of faith + exclusion and the rebellious act of being me

december 26 // celebrating six years of marriage

// week thirty one (part 2) // celebrating pride weekend in stockholm

when love wins: how marriage equality + forgiveness in charleston have changed us

what’s at stake: waiting for the supreme court to decide on love

five reasons she’s the best thing that ever happened to me

celebrating five years of marriage!

the many ways to celebrate love

wedding bells weekend

the day that love came to north carolina

getting married? need someone to do the ceremony? ask me!!

making time for my love

lina’s life anniversary ♥

“strip away the fear. underneath it’s all the same love.”

and the celebrations continue…

sometimes you gotta be defrocked in order to live with integrity.

my response to your response.

open hearts? no. open minds? no. open doors? no. open wounds? yes!

“a closet is no place for a person to truly live.”

same love.

i’m ok… even though i got an email.

moral monday comes to asheville. and i was channeling the 60s.

it’s a double rainbow day!

pins and needles.

home is wherever i’m with you.

celebrating the birthday girl!

jesus, the supreme court, & me.

what does it mean to be open?

a time to remember in berlin.

having an expat moment.

three years at home.

edith & her fight.

one little comment is all it takes.

i pulled an all-nighter.

an open letter and a plea to listen before you vote.


either you are welcome or you’re not.

sometimes you just need to breathe.

sunday night stuff.

longing for my other home.

turning the page & beginning again.

immigration said yes!

girl power.

thursday’s top ten.

there’s just something about a beautiful door.

525,600 minutes.

the sun is gonna shine.