welcome to the blog

Hello, I’m liz! I created belovelive.com in 2011, as an online diary.

After turning my life upside-down, falling in love, + moving to Sweden, I wanted to document all of my exciting, new experiences of living in a foreign country and rediscovering my soul.

Throughout the past 12 years, though, this space has not only been the place to document my life, but it has transformed into the place where I have discovered my own wisdom + power through my words and images. Here, I have learned how to embody my soul + align my life with the way I want to live.

And, after all of these years, I want to continue to evolve + become. I want to create life with magic + meaning. One that is slow, intentional, earthy, wild + sacred. I want to be of use. For my life to make a difference. For the days that I am alive to be deep and long and to leave this world a better place after I am gone. And I want to document my journey all along the way.

So, I keep writing + posting. And I’m so glad you found your way here.

So, why be love live? Well, for years, I tried to make life a linear, chronological, staircase way of life:

  • Step 1: be.
  • Step 2: love.
  • Step 3: live.
  • And then you’re there.

And that made sense to be for a while. But, soon I realized that that’s not at all how life really unfolds.

Instead, life is circular, cyclical, a spiral, following the rhythm of the cycles + seasons of nature. It is a constant balancing of being, loving, and living. A constant journey of turning inward, centering, and turning outward again. All of which happen both simultaneously + individually. All of which build on each other, influence each other, and inspire each other.

And that means that the meaning of it all is the journey itself. In others words, there is no goal. The purpose of it all is found in every single moment of life. The way is the way. Every day. Every experience. Every moment. Every year. That is what makes up a life.

And this website is meant to be a place where I, where we, can discover together what it means to live a slow, soulful life, grounded + cosmic, deep + wide, embodied + transcendent, right in the middle of everyday life.

So, belovelive.com tells the story of finding myself through being, loving, and living. Of learning to live a slow, grounded, and sacred life in rhythm with the seasons. It is the place where I document my stories + evolution. So, welcome! I hope you find a little bit of yourself in my experiences, photos, and words; but more than anything, I hope you find a bit of inspiration.