Let’s just start with this: It’s damn near impossible for me to summerize what belovelive is. And, yet, I must. You’re here, dear soul, perusing this space, trying to understand what it’s all about. So, I’m gonna try to explain as succinctly and clearly as I can. Ok?

belovelive is a way of life. It is my belief system meant to be put to use every day. A spiritual lifestyle, you could say, which is focused on living a grounded, slow, ever-evolving life. In tune with nature, the seasons, and the universe. It is a life of presence + evolution + peace.


Nature-inspired spirituality for grounding down + getting centered.

Living a spiritual, centered life is essential to living a life of presence. For me, that life is grounded, earthy, and mystical. And it begins with simply being. It is a life lived slowly. Drawing up magic from the earth + mystery from the heavens. Meeting in each of us, vessels of love + energy. A grounded, present life focuses on listening, meditating, intuitively knowing. Here we discover deep truths. We find inner peace + remember our sacred worth. Taking time to simply be helps us to rediscover our true, wild nature + connect with the cycle of the seasons, reminding us that we are all infused with the magic of the earth + sky + seas + the entire cosmos. That all we ever really need to do is simply be who we are meant to be.


Home is where the heart is. The sanctuary of the soul that inspires balance + cultivates presence.

Living slowly + mindfully sustains + creates an authentic life. It is at home that we begin to embody the beliefs that we intuit + uncover in our journey of becoming. Here we create a sacred, balanced, mindful space that becomes the outer sanctuary of our inner wisdom. And we begin to live what we believe + embody who we are meant to be. Our everyday lives, when lived with intention + purpose, help us to see that all of life is sacred and holy. And our everyday moments are where we begin to embody a life of presence.


Fill your life with meaning. Connect with this sacred world.

To live life is to be grounded + to live in the present moments of our daily lives; but it is also to expand + evolve. When we ground ourselves + create a sacred space of inspiration, we naturally overflow with compassion, conscious living, and the desire to connect. As wild souls who live a slow, mindful life, love flows freely from us. Inspiring us to travel, meet, discover, explore, share, connect, and make a difference, We become a living presence for others. This is where we find deeper meaning in our lives. Where we realize that, in becoming who we are truly meant to be, we are also contributing to the unfolding of love in the entire cosmos.

For years, I tried to make this a linear, chronological, staircase way of life. Step 1: be. Step 2: love. Step 3: live. And then you’re there. But that’s not at all how this lifestyle is meant to be lived. Instead, this way of life is circular, cyclical, spiral. It is truly a way of living in rhythm with the cycles + seasons of nature. It is a constant balancing of being, loving, and living. All of which happen both simultaneously + individually. All of which build on each other, influence each other, and inspire each other.

The goal, or the purpose, of this lifestyle is the journey itself. In others words, there is no goal. The meaning + purpose of it all is found in every single moment of life. The way is the way. Every day. Every experience. Every moment. That is what makes up a life. And this website is meant to be a place where I, where we, can discover together what it means to live a soulful life, wild + free + connected + present.

The belovelive lifestyle is one that is all about becoming who we are meant to be, finding love + meaning through a slow, mindful everyday life in rhythm with the seasons. And allowing our lives to evolve + inspire the world.

And that, sweet soul, is what I hope you are inspired to do in this space: simply become more + more of who you have always been meant to be.

This is the cyclical nature of a belovelive lifestyle: We are co-creators, connected to the earth + the cosmos + each other, living + discovering who we are meant to be… and contributing our unique souls to the universe’s unfolding + evolving towards greater + greater love. We, as unique, wild, beautiful individuals are a part of this great, divine, sacred circle of life. Meant to live our own truth for the sake of the world. And we do it all through simply being present. Do you hear the call? And will you respond?