a little about me

I’m Liz. | Mystic. Spiritualist. Teacher.

Wanderer. Homebody. French fry lover. Moon-gazer. Mentor. Photographer. Road-tripper. Playlist curator. Wine + beer drinker. Writer. Intuitive. North Carolina-born. Sweden-settled. Sister, aunt, daughter, and wife to Lina.

Currently I live in a loft apartment overlooking the industrial, cozy, gritty city of Norrköping, Sweden where I work with teenage dropouts and at- risk high school students/young adults. I ground my life by following the rhythms of the seasons and I spend time finding inspiration in art, cities, nature, food, travel, and drink.

I’ve been blogging in this space since 2011. It’s where I document, create, and understand this earthy, cosmic life journey we are all on . Want to know more about me + my story? Click below!