“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about helping others to help themselves. It is a journey of self-discovery. Of discovering who we are + what we want through through focused, goal-oriented conversations . It is about coming alive to our own lives.

Life coaching is not therapy, but rather it is about seeking + fulfilling. It is present-based + future-oriented, beginning with where we are now and uncovering the path that leads us to create, right now, one moment at a time, the life that we envision for ourselves. This is what Joseph Campbell calls following your bliss.

And no matter where we are in our personal spiritual journeys, whether you call it spiritual or not, seeking a change in life begins with thinking about who we are now and the life that we wish to create.

As an educator, theologian, and life coach, I believe that following one’s bliss + changing one’s life often involves developing one’s spirituality, or one’s connection with her own soul.  It is a lifelong transformation + journey occurring at the deepest of the core of who we are. And who we are, deep within, is pure light, love, and possibility.

A life coach works to provide tools and support us in finding our own answers. It is about helping us realize + bring forth all of the power that already lies within us. A life coach challenges us to take the necessary steps towards the desired change. The idea is to release, through life coaching sessions, our full potential in order to achieve the goals and the life that we dream of. Our individual goals and interests are at the center of it all, and through coaching, we realize that we have all of the answers already within us. A life coach simply helps us to discover the power within to create the life that we want.

So, what do you want?! What kind of life do you envision? What are you seeking? 

 Let’s chat about how you can begin to discover all of the answers and power that already lie within you. Just contact me via the link at the top of this page to set up a free consultation via telephone, Skype, or face to face, if you live in the Uppsala, Sweden area. I look forward to hearing from you!

My mission

It is my intention to help you live a wild, mindful, and authentic life, in whatever way you envision that life to be. I want to help you discover who you are, what you want, and how to create that life that you are longing for.

You may be looking for someone to talk with, someone to listen to you as you sift through all of those crazy, unanswerable, existential questions, someone to walk with you on your search for your truth, or someone to help you put into action the dreams + goals you have for your life.

Or you may simply want some tips on slow, mindful living, some spiritual inspiration, some stories + adventures from an expat american, a playlist with some new music, or just some pretty pictures to look at.

You may not even know what you want, but you feel unsettled and unsure about something.

Whatever it is that you are seeking, I am here, belovelive is here, to provide you with a moment of peace and a bit of inspiration on your journey. As a life coach, or simply as a blogger. But always a fellow pilgrim.

I am here to help you create the life that you want through coaching sessions, or to inspire you as you follow my blog, which documents my own adventures + journeys in creating the mindful, slow, intentional, wild life that I desire.

So, read on + click around + decide how it is that I can best be of service to you.

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