be: nature-based spirituality

love: slow + mindful living

live: explore + evolve

Living a soulful, mystical life in rhythm with the seasons.

there is a rhythm of the year. 🌀 it is found the the cycles of nature. the changing of the seasons. the phases of the moons. the sunrises + sunsets of each day. and even the breaths that we take.

following these seasons + aligning with the rhythms of nature offers so much medicine:
a slower pace of living.
a calm soul.
a sense of grounding + peace.
a deeper connection to nature.
a deeper sense of spirituality.
a feeling of community + oneness.
access to our own wisdom.
heightened intuition.

i invite you to join me as i journey around the sun, cycling through the four seasons. what you will discover along the way will be just the medicine you need.

Hello! I’m Liz!

Hi there, friend. I like to greet you as if we are already friends. I’m so glad you found your way here today. I thought I’d start off by sharing with you a bunch of random things that I love. So you can get to know me a little. And, then, feel free to dive deep into the belovelive world. Welcome, sacred soul!


I am a 45 year old American in Sweden. Modern mystic. Writer. Theologian. Photographer. High school mentor/life coach. I love french fries, meditation, road trips, slow living, city life, craft beer + coffee, moon + stars, tapas + wine, trees + water, playlists + photos. I’m both a homebody + a wanderer. // Sharing it all with my wife, Lina, and Zola the cat.


Now, click below to find out much more about me + the belovelive story. Or, explore the topics and catagories in the menu at the top of the page. And, feel free to contact me… just to connect + say hello, if you wish. I’d love to get to know you too!