It’s time for my annual balcony-season-is-back ritual

Four days of slow traveling in Northern France

Easter might be most sacred rhythm of all

The future of belovelive

That’s a wrap, twenty twenty-two.

12 months + 12 blessings: The Thanksgiving 2022 edition

All of the moments that mark end of autumn

When the dark season spills out into everyday life

The week that defines me + calls me downward

There are 3 phases of autumn: This week we enter phase 2!

Does autumn really begin in August?

Summer 2022: The pottery, beaches, and family of western Skåne

Summer 2022: Funky, hipster, design-inspiring Copenhagen

Summer 2022: Malmö – The East Village of Sweden.

Summer 2022: 24 hours in Lund, Sweden

Summer 2022: The Archipelago

In between the full moon + the summer solstice

15 – 17 | The weeks that showed me the violence of spring

12-14: The weeks that got away from me

10 + 11 | The two weeks that went by… just like that

9 | The week that was my return to work

8 | The week when my emotions were almost too much to process

7 | The week that the full moon + I manifested two job offers!

6 | The week of balancing that magical February energy

5 | The week that was the start of a whole new chapter

4 | The week that was the great wind storm – according to me.

3 | The week that was our post-holiday quarantine

My American Holiday: Welcoming a slow, hopeful, rhythmic new year

My American holiday: Reunited with family for a cozy, simple Christmas

The vibes I’m bringing to 2022

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