Welcome to summer + the season of the wild woman! The sun is high in the sky, the days are long + bright, and there’s a feeling of freedom, relaxation, and living life that permeates every single day from now until the autumn equinox. This is a deeply magical season. One that is grounding + boundless all at the same time. We are meant to soak it all up. Rest, adventure, memories, sunshine, each other, the beauty of nature… It is the time to grab onto life and squeeze every little moment out of it, whether laying around in the sun or adventuring + exploring new places. It’s a time to make memories But, mostly, I believe that is is the perfect time fo the year to find that wild soul that is within by connecting with nature. To feel the essence of life, which is found in every living thing. Summer calls us to simply bask in the joy of being alive + to use this time to grow into who we are meant to be.

The rhythms of nature

The medicine of the earth

Light, abundant sun, long days, warmth, everything is green, the earth is teeming with life. Like the first, tiny flowers pushing up from the soft ground, the lengthening days and the warmer weather, we slowly begin to also emerge from our winter hibernation. As we watch how the earth slowly awakens + is reborn, it’s good to remember that this emergence takes time. There are still snow days mixed in with the first warm, sunny days. And, if you’re like me, then there are still moments where we feel not quite ready to rise from our cozy, winter slumber. So, this is the perfect time to simply drop into the slow unfolding of the season. To understand that waking + rising is meant to take some time. Even for us.

But, as the earth awakens in the northern hemisphere, and as we begin to slowly feel more alert + alive, we see that something new is being born. And, we are also invited to see what new life is waiting for us. This season is also our rebirth.

Energy for the soul 

It’s time to release the mystical, cosmic, mysterious, airy, dreamy energy of the winter and move into the grounded, earthy, community-focused, service-oriented, personal, artsy, creative energy of the priestess. In other words, it is time to release the season of soul reflection + enter the season of our soul’s calling.

The wild woman … balance

Active + grounded. Boundless + anchored. Connect to our truest nature. The fact that we are a part of nature. Rest + reset.

Wisdom, mindfulness, and slow living. 

But what does the season of the wild woman really mean for our everyday lives? How can we integrate + align with the medicine + energy? 

now that it’s summer, now that we’ve shifted to a new season + the darkest half of the year, it’s time to settle into all that has gathered in my soul over the first half of this year.

from now until the autumn equinox, i shift into wild mode… tapping into my deep love for earth-based spirituality. spending time during the summer to learn + practice my connection to living in rhythm with the seasons + discovering the divine in every living thing. summer is my sabbath. time for rest, rituals, and resetting. a sacred time to stay slow + to soak in the abundance of life. to ground + get centered.

The wild woman is an earth-loving, nature-centered, spiritual guide. A wise woman showing us the way back to our true nature. Reminding us that we are nature. Challenging us to align our lives with the earth, to stay grounded + anchored, to find that balacne that allows us to be totally free + spontaneous, simply going with the flow + allowing the our souls to grow. She inspires us to slow down, rest, restore, and reset during the summer. But, teaching us also that rest is the deepest way of growing wholly into ourselves. This is the season for soaking it all in. Everything we are and everything that we see.

From the Summer Solstice up to Lammas ), we move through the height of the summer season. portal of wilderness, of pondering how we want to live + who we are called to be. What do we leave behind? To what are we being called? And are we ready + willing to step into our soul’s calling, our divine birthright, our own personal legend?

But, from Lammas to the Autumn Equinox, we begin to harvest all that has grown this season. We begin to return home + settle down.

The wild woman season is all about growing into who we are meant to be… and to live our most authentic lives in rhythm with all of nature.