12-14: The weeks that got away from me

10 + 11 | The two weeks that went by… just like that

9 | The week that was my return to work

8 | The week when my emotions were almost too much to process

7 | The week that the full moon + I manifested two job offers!

6 | The week of balancing that magical February energy

5 | The week that was the start of a whole new chapter

4 | The week that was the great wind storm – according to me.

3 | The week that was our post-holiday quarantine

29: The week that made me want to slow down

28 (for real): The week that I was one with Swedish nature

25: The week of the solstice, Midsummer, a full moon + an anniversary

24: The week that was the end of it all

23: The week I got the Covid vaccine (and so much more!)

22: The week that was all the big things

21: The week where the eclipse changed my perspective

20: The week that was all over the place

19: The week that we moved into full transition mode

The week that I chose acceptance + resistance as my way forward

The weeks that gave me the space to simplify

The week that did not spark joy + what I intend to do about that

The week that felt like the actual beginning of the New Year


The week that I started embodying me

The week that set the tone for an intuitive 2019

04. The week that was an intense shift in thinking

03. The week that was a lesson in living an extraordinary life

02. The week that was… confusing.

01. The week that was the first one

the week that was the last week of 2016 // 52

the week when the festivities began: portland, maine // 51

the week when the festivities began: new york city // 51

the day i found all the holiday feels // 49

the week that i felt like myself again // 48

the week that was all about thanksgiving // 47

the week that stirred my soul // 46

the week that i took control // 45

the week that i crossed the atlantic ocean… twice // 44

the week that really f*cking sucked // 43

the week that i had a weird schedule // 43

the week that i had to look for the beauty // 41

the week that was saved by nature + music // 40 (plus october’s playlist!)

the 2 weeks that blew me away // 38 + 39

the week that was a turning point // 37 (weekend of becoming a life coach #6)

the week that i rode the wave of grace // 36

the week that i tapped into some big magic // 35

the week that i said “no!” to vacation being over // 34

the week that was the beginning of the new (school) year // 33

the week that was the reynolds beach vacation (part 2)